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Find quick tips and cheat sheets for campaign creation, crowdfunding success and promotion. Includes PDFs for easy download and printing.

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Creator Questions

  • What are ReadyFundGo’s fees?

    It is free to set-up a crowdfunding campaign with ReadyFundGo.

    ReadyFundGo receives a 5% service fee from money raised by  ‘All or Nothing’ campaigns that have reached their target goal.  If the campaign does not reach its goal, no fee is charged.

    For ‘Take What You Can Get (Flexible)’ campaigns ReadyFundGo receives a 5% service fee of the funds raised.

    For crowdfunding campaigns located in Australia, Stripe also charges a minimal credit card processing fee. Their fee is 1.75% +30c per transaction for domestic cards and 2.9% + 30c per transaction for international cards.

    For campaigns located in other countries, please see Stripe processing fees per country: Canada Denmark Findland France Ireland Japan Norway Singapore Spain Sweden USA UK

  • Who can set up a campaign on ReadyFundGo?

    Anyone with a great idea and clear funding goal, over the age of 18. (See Terms & Conditions for those under 18 years old).

  • Who can support a ReadyFundGo campaign?

    ReadyFundGo is a global funding platform. Anyone can support a campaign to meet its funding goal.

  • What currencies does ReadyFundGo support?

    Campaign Creation:
    ReadyFundGo supports campaign creation setup in the following currencies and countries:

    Australia, Canada, Denmark, Findland, France, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, USA, UK.

    Campaign Pledges:
    ReadyFundGo facilitates pledges in the vast majority of international currencies:

    See all currencies: Group 1

  • What happens if I don’t reach my funding goal?

    If your campaign is an ‘All or Nothing’ campaign you will not receive any funds and no service fee is charged by ReadyFundGo.

    For Flexible (‘Take What You Can Get’) campaigns “Net Funds” are transferred to you by Stripe during the course of your campaign as pledges are made, regardless of whether you meet your funding goal or not.

Crowdfunding 101

  • What is ReadyFundGo?

    ReadyFundGo is an online ‘crowdfunding’ platform helping people raise funds to bring their ideas to life, fund a start-up business, grow an existing business or just generally raise money for a project or cause.

    Our community consists of imaginative, inventive and ambitious campaign creators with exciting campaigns that need the support of people like you to help bring them to life.

  • Who is ReadyFundGo?

    ReadyFundGo is owned by My Crowd Pty Ltd (MC). MC was launched in Sydney 2013, Australia and the RFG team is located in Sydney, NSW. Our goal is to help people raise capital to fund growth of existing startups, entrepreneurial ideas, social enterprise and environmental campaigns.

  • What is crowdfunding?

    Crowdfunding is becoming an ever popular way of raising funds outside of traditional avenues such as banks, finance companies and yards of scary red tape. It is an easy and innovative way for people and organisations to raise money to get their campaign or new business funded.

    Wikipedia describes crowdfunding as ‘the practice of funding a campaign or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.’

    $5.1 billion USD was raised for ideas, projects and businesses through crowdfunding in 2013. The industry has doubled every year for the last three years, helping hundreds of thousands of people get an idea off the ground.

    We think it’s a fantastic way to help your ideas take off!

  • How does it work?

    Simply start creating your campaign (for free) by first selecting a category and title (which you can change at any time before submitting it) and registering online.

    Next, decide on a clear funding goal, the rewards you’ll offer, an end date (we recommend 6-9 weeks) and a story of what the funds are needed for along with videos, photos and images.

    Once you’ve entered these details, as well as other basic info, simply submit your campaign to us for approval.

    Once its approved, your fans and supporters can start supporting your campaign by pledging for the rewards you offer.

    There are two different types of campaigns: ‘All Or Nothing’ or ‘Take What You Can Get (Flexible)’.

    ‘All Or Nothing’ campaigns are a type of campaign where the creator has decided on a final goal amount in a set time frame. If that goal is not met within that time frame no funds are taken from the backers. Their cards are simply preauthorised, not charged.

    With ‘Take What You Can Get (Flexible)’ campaigns, the campaign creator received whatever funds are raised, regardless if it hits its goal or not.

  • What’s in it for campaign supporters?

    Supporters can receive a wide variety of rewards for their contribution when they support a campaign. Some will be physical rewards and some will just be ‘feel good’ donation based rewards depending on the nature of the campaign.


    • a simple feel good ‘thankyou’ postcard for backing a good cause
    • early pricing on a new product
    • bulk discounted products
    • early access to a physical or digital product/service before its general release
    • an event or personalised experience

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