Quick Tips for Creators

Top Tips for Creators

Here is a quick list of crowdfunding tips that all crowdfunding newbies should read:

  1. PREPARE your budget and know how much capital you need to raise. Take into account all costings that need to be factored into your campaign like;
  • minimum orders required to make it economically viable
  • cost of raw materials
  • shipping costs to get your product/rewards to your supporters
  • any experts and assistance you need to finance to assist your campaign
  • credit card and other service fees

  1. TELL YOU STORY – People like to connect and understand your story before being asked for money. KEEP IT REAL AND PERSONAL. Let people get to know you and your vision. Make sure to cover WHAT, WHY, and WHO in brief before getting into the finer details of funding and how you will spend the money.

  1. IMAGES/VIDEOS – A campaign video and INTERESTING images are essentials to tell your story. Campaign supporters love to connect and feel part of the journey. Campaigns that use a video are 2.5 times more likely to succeed than those that don’t! With a simple script/idea you can make an effective video on a mobile device. If you want a make a bigger impact, then think about hiring a professional.

crowdfunding rewards

  1. REWARDSMake them interesting and appealling to a wide audience. Have small and larger cost rewards for those with different means and incomes. Stats show those campaigns with around 9 rewards are the most successful. If you need some inspiration check out our about rewards ideas.

  1. MAKE YOUR CAMPAIGN PAGE VISIBLE. Add a ‘coming soon’ link to the campaign on your existing website, blog, and social media channels.  Direct traffic to the page before it launches and during the launch.

  1. Use EMAIL & SOCIAL MEDIA….it’s the heart of many crowdfunding campaigns success. Use your email contacts, Facebook friends, Twitter followers, LinkedIn contacts & Instagram friends as your starting database and get them to SHARE for you.

  1. Create a MARKETING PLAN for your campaign and keep updating your supporters as your campaign is running. Create a list of all your contacts, including media for generating PR. This also relates to the next tip…

  1. Before your launch, PROMOTE. Market your campaign before it starts to your networks and get media. Let people close to you know about your campaign BEFORE it starts. That way they can contribute as soon as your campaign is launched and you don’t start with a zero balance. Have rewards you know they’ll love and will be popular. Potential campaign supporters you don’t know like to support a campaign that appears popular and already has funds donated.

  1. During your campaign COMMUNICATE OFTEN to your supporters so they can follow your journey and tell others. Keep them all updated with your news, whether good or bad. Be honest with your campaign supporters and engage them along the journey.  You can offer new rewards midway and other incentives via updates to harness energy!