How Crowdfunding Works

How does ReadyFundGo help?

It’s simple.

ReadyFundGo helps you get ready, get funded and get going with your great business idea.

Start creating your crowdfunding campaign draft today! It’s free to create a campaign and our campaign pilots can be in touch to help you with useful advice and tips.


Just follow these three simple steps


1. Get Ready

Good preparation is the key to your success, whether that’s launching a business or a crowdfunding project. Start your draft today and our real live support team can help you ensure you’ve ticked all the boxes for creating a solid campaign.  They’ll also make sure your campaign is built for success with strong crowdfunding promotion strategies and tips. Join a workshop – or use our crowdfunding creation resources full of useful advice and tips.


2. Get Funded

Now it’s time to launch and continue to TELL THE WORLD. Use social media, pr, all the bells and whistles. You can reward those who promote your campaign, by letting you track who is sharing your campaign and how much support it is raising.  So put the effort in, tread the boards, share your story and get as much interest as you can. See if you can get spot on local media, TV or radio to get your story out and attract supporters.



3. Get Going

Once your campaign has reached its goal (or exceeded!) you can get going with your idea! Start working on sending out your rewards…and don’t forget to keep your supporters up to date on what’s happening, using our easy ‘updates’ dashboard. If your idea is great and you follow our three steps, we all get to see your idea take off!



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  • Get Massive Exposure
  • Avoid The Banks
  • Grow You Business Faster
  • Launch Your Startup Without The Sharks
  • Don’t Give Away Your Equity Too Early


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