Crowdfunding WickWorming: one year on

WickWorming Founder Olly White

Crowdfunding One year on: Catching-up with Olly after his WickWorming Sustainable Planter Box Campaign

It always great to have the opportunity to find out what happens with projects we have helped to crowdfund and so we were delighted to catch-up with Olly.

Last year Olly ran the successful crowdfunding campaign for his WickWorming Sustainable Planter Boxes.

You may recall that Olly, a teacher, had just been appointed Leader of Sustainability Initiatives at his school when he came up with the fabulous idea for his clever innovation that managed to hit 3 sustainability goals.

The WickWorming planter boxes are not just sturdily made but are:

  1. Self-watering and water saving
  2. Contain an inground worm farm
  3. Enable households to compost even if they do not have a backyard.
The steel comes in a choice of colours

What is new?

We were delighted to hear that Olly has been making great strides as he continues forwards with his entrepreneurial journey whilst still following his love of teaching.

Australian Manufacturing Partnership

Since his crowdfunding campaign for WickWorming ended, Olly has established a partnership with a manufacturer in Melbourne who now produces his planter boxes. 

The boxes which are now made to order come in two sizes:

  • Small -1250mm (L) x 570mm (W) x 700mm (H)


  • Large -1690mm (L) x 910mm (W) x 700mm (H)

Optional Additional Features

There are now several options that are available to add:

The planter boxes can be shipped to all parts of Australia with FREE shipping included!

The WickWorming Hot House

Never one to rest of his laurels, Olly has been developing a new design and has just launched a Hot House version that is available in the small size. This helps accelerate plant growth and provides protection from pests and rodents.

WickWorming Hot House

And of course, there are more plans and work in progress to to develop a corner design and more variety in the available sizes.

Partnership with Subpod

And if this was not enough there is more exciting news. Olly has managed to find the time to develop a partnership with amazing company Subpod to enable his customers combine these products with his planters!

The large Subpod can process up to 20kgs of food per week and the Mini can process up to 10kgs per week and Live Compost Worms can also now be purchased from the WickWorming website.

Live Compost Worms

A Big Thankyou

Once again, thank you to all our supporters who helped make Olly’s crowdfunding campaign for WickWorming a success last year with a special shout to the Herbadashery, a herbalist in Manly, Bucketty’s Brewery and  Pure Wholefoods.

You can check out the latest product range from the WickWorming online shop and as see what is happening on their instagram account.

If you'd like to see more of our essential tips for managing and promoting your crowdfunding project, you can grab our Guide To Crowdfunding here.

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