What Type of Video Do You Need?

video for crowdfundersToday we are going to look at popular styles of videos that can be used by your crowdfunding campaign or business.

Your campaign video can use several of these styles, in order to pitch your idea as well as tell your story.  Videos can also be a great way to build excitement, promote and update your campaign on social media, and as a tool for informing and educating your customers.

Types Of Crowdfunding Campaign Videos

1. Introductory video: Who are you and what is your business about? These are simply a ‘who and why’ all about you, your team and why your business or product exists – a video that tells the story about your passion. These videos are filled with your vision of your business now and going into the future, what your goals are and why people absolutely need to know you and your business. You’ll definitely want to incorporate this style into your campaign video. View an Intro Video

2. Product demonstration:
How does your product work and what are its key features? View a Product Demo

3. Training “How to” videos: These show how your product works and includes helpful tips and tricks to make a particular task safer or easier for staff and customers alike. View a ‘How To’ Video

4. Testimonial videos: Reviews from your past and present customers. Remember to include bad reviews as it gives you an opportunity to show you can correct issues and answer any questions that can linger in the back of some minds. View a Testimonial Video

5. Team leadership: This one is a great type of video that often gets overlooked. With a leadership video you can post a blog about some things you are good at, tips and tricks to help others do something you know about. This makes you a leader in your field as far as the viewer is concerned as they simply typed into Google or YouTube something related to what you do, then all of a sudden you’re telling them the answer to the question they had. If for whatever reason they don’t go ahead by following your information expertise, they will contact you “ the expert “ to do it for them? View a Leadership Video

6. Other cool videos include Teaser videos. These look a lot like movie trailers with big sounds, flying graphics and huger than huge sound FX. Green Key staff love these because they are usually BIG!  View a Teaser Video

If you'd like to see more of our essential tips for managing and promoting your crowdfunding project, you can grab our Guide To Crowdfunding here.

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