Sharing and Referrals

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Skyrocket your campaign reach with our social media sharing tools.

ReadyFundGo offers you the ability to see how many clicks and pledges your ‘backers’ and ‘followers’ are generating thru sharing your campaign page.  The shares are tracked on facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, email, and more.

There are two locations where trackable social media links can be found:

1.  When a user has purchased a reward and SHARES using the thank you page prompts, it will be tracked.
2. When a user signs in or registers, then share using the social links on the top of the campaign page (above the featured image/video area).

Once your campaign has started, you can go to the ‘Manage Campaigns’ dashboard and select ‘Analytics’ to view the results, as they happen.

Likewise, the sharer can see the impact of their shares by going to the ‘My Referrals’ page.

You can track the quantity of shares and the amounts of funds raised as a result of these shares.

Incentivise your crowd to share – by offering referral competitions and tracking shares!