Zero emission base load power using only sun and sea

Ended on June 30th 2021

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It is a novel patent(pending) technology to generate baseload power using seawater and renewables.

Clean Energy and Water Technologies

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Environment Victoria, Australia

The world is grappling with problems of global warming and climate change that threatens our way of life and our future generations to come. We need a technology that REALLY addresses the crux of the above problem.

Australia is abundant with natural resources  surrounded by sea and beautiful landscape.It has a rich coal deposits and natural gas reserves.

We are proud of the acievements made by our universities and research institutions.Yet the REAL SOLUTION FOR THE ABOVE PROBLEM is still elusive.

My technology  CARBON RECYCLING TECHNOLOGY (CRT) also knowna as RAMANA POWER CYCLE (RPC) provides an elegant solution to the above problem without any fossil fuel at all. It is also a clear example for a  circular economy.

My process uses only seawater as the basic material. It generates a synthetic hydrocarbon known as RSMG (renewable synthetic  methane gas) fuel directly from seawater using a renewable energy source.

Alternatively, it can also  use LNG  as the start up fuel and then generate (RSMG) internally as the process progresses. RSMG will be used to generate a continuous baseload power using closed cycle Oxycombustion Supercritical CO2 power cycle known as Allam cycle.

It uses 80% of the CO2 generated internally and lets out 20% high purity pipeline grade CO2 to RSMG plant where it is converted into RSMG by a process known as Methanation. Thus the fuel as well as power production continues with zero emission.

The generated power can be trasmitted directly to the centralized power grid 24 x 7 without any need for storage at all.

It is the first of its kind in the world and what is great about this technology is, it can generate baseload power with ZERO EMISSIONS which our Federal government  as well as US Government now fully supports, which means it can generate thousands of local jobs using locally available raw materials and resources.

Allam cycle power plant is commercially in operation in USA but it uses natural gas as a fuel. Moreover it uses Oxygen from Air separation unit (ASU). The  exit CO2 needs to be transported long distances to sequester in an oil field. All sites may not be suitable for this purpose. Moreover the net electrical efficiency  of Allam Cycle is only aound 55% compared to  my process where the electrical efficiency is projected to be more than 60%. This is mainly because the energy used for Oxygen generation and transportation of CO2 in Allam cycle are large.

But in my process I generate all the three ingredients namely CO2, Hydrogen as well as Oxygen directly from seawater using renewable energy source such as Solar,Wind ,OTEC, Geo-thermal etc.

We can even export CARBON NEGATIVE FUEL to the rest of the world in the form of liquefied RSMG. What is novel about the technology is it can generate clean drinking water, Hydrogen for transportation,  RSMG as a carbon negative fuel  aswell as a continous electricity all using only seawater and renewable energy. The plant can be suitably designed to meet all the above requirement. By making power available 24 x7 it will greatly support both Hydrogen vehicles as well as battery vehicles because both need electricity.

We can lead the world and make the world a better place to live in peace and prosperity. My process has been already endorsed by two large multinational companies based in USA and Europe and they are willing to act as EPC (engineering,procurement and construction) contractors for the project.

At this stage I need funding only to file an international patent application to be filed through PCT (Patent cooperation treaty) route with WIPO (world intellectual property organization) to secure the Intellectual Property (IP) based on my provisional patent  application already filed with IP Australia in 2020. As a Chemical Engineer, I have more than 37 years of experience in research,innovation and commercialization.I have won several awards in the past providing solutions to the challenges world wide. For example, I won a cash award of $25,000 for providing a solution to the challnge posted by GE and Statoil to recover fresh water from their FRACKING operations. More than 123 companies from 100 countries took part in the challenge and I won the prize money for this challenge.  

I have been working on Zero emission technology for the past decade even before any Government or companies in the world woke up to the current realities. This is an opportunity for me to showcase the technology which I believe IS the solution the world is looking for. My team consists of few multinational companies who not only endorsed my technology but they are willing to get involved in implementing a commercial scale plant of 25 Mw using only SUN AND SEA. This plant can be set up at any part of the world on the coast and the time has come to say good-bye to fossil fuels because we generate our fuel syntehtically from seawater. By removing CO2 from our oceans we stop ocean acidification which threatens marine life including corals. 

April 29, 2021

Ahilan Raman has registered as a participant with XPrize for Elon Musk's  100 Mil Zero Carbon challnege. It is coincidental that ZERO EMISSION BASELOAD POWER USING ONLY SUN AND SEA  for which the fund is currently being raised will be a potential  solution for the above challenge. We can demonstrate it on pilot scale!

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