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Zerk is for the consumer that lacks the motivation to get started at the gym by manually signing up

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Queensland, Australia

Health could not be more of a priority in the world today – and there is no shortage of health and fitness businesses available.

This multi-million-dollar growth industry has been further propelled by an increasing appreciation of how vital it is to invest in our minds and bodies.

So, it’s surprising that access to health opportunities is often obstructed by clunky and laborious, as people spend countless amounts of time trawling through the internet and completing multiple registration processes.

Zerk is a fitness-based app that centralises the registration process so that users have the ability to search and sign up to a gym or sporting facility with the click of a button.

That’s one membership to access a multitude of facilities. No lengthy sign-up process, no face-face meetings with a personal trainer, and less time wasted in the process – which inevitably leads to many not signing up at all.

Is there a demand?

I’ve conducted initial market research, including an ‘expression of interest’ campaign, created a beta of the app and worked on the access controls system, I am more than confident that the app will attract 1000 registered business in Brisbane alone in the first two months, allowing for a capacity of 10,000 members across the wider Brisbane area.

In a nutshell, Zerk helps consumers stay healthy, while giving businesses a new avenue of generating revenue.

For Zerk to successfully launch and be available to the public it is going to need a large scale marketing campaign, this is where the seed funding comes in.

We are seeking capital to launch a marketing campaign across the greater Brisbane area to provide you access.

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