Wild About Wellbeing Farm

Ended on February 28th 2023

pledged of $35,000AU

Help our Yarra Valley farm finish it's "food and fun" aspect for everyone to enjoy this summer.


Paddock To Plate Farm Gate Produce Voucher

4 pledges

Reward includes:
• A $30.00 farm gate produce voucher which can be spent on any product within our farm gate shop.

Come and Discover

4 pledges

Reward includes:
• $30.00 farm gate produce voucher
• Farm entry and tractor ride farm tour for 1 adult and 1 child
• Pony ride for the child
• Valued at $60

Farm Family Fun Day

4 pledges

Reward includes:
• Farm entry and tractor ride farm tour for 2 adult and 3 children
• A pony ride for each child
• Your choice of 2 gourmet wood fired pizzas
• Valued at $125

Monthly Tractor Tour Family Pass

0 pledges

Reward includes:
• Monthly family tractor tour pass.
• For 2 adults and up to 3 children
• Valued at $500

Full Farm Hands on Experience

2 pledges

• Take your farm day out to the next level and really get hands on. You will have access to “behind the scenes” while experiencing first hand all about farming life.
• A family of 5 will be personally guided around the farm allowing you to meet and greet ALL of our friendly farm animals for cuddles, hand feeding, collecting eggs, milking the cows and pony rides.
• $50.00 food voucher to be used on pizzas, gelato or at our farmgate shop.
• Valued at $395

Discover, Eat, Learn

0 pledges

Reward includes:
• Discover- what living on a farm is really like with access to “behind the scenes” for a family of up to 5 people (As described in $350 reward).
• Eat- Fill your tummies with $650 worth of Farm Gate Produce to enjoy at home (valid for a 12-month period).
• Learn- $200 workshop gift voucher to put towards any of our upcoming workshops. Choose from a range of workshops that will provide you with knowledge through hands on experience.
• Valued at $1,145

The Full Paddock

0 pledges

• A family of 5 will be personally guided around the farm allowing you to meet our friendly farm animals and be hands on.
• Now you’re a farmer, help fill those tummies with a $1500 produce, food and drink voucher.
• Use your $250 gift voucher to gain a hands on knowledge experience in one of our workshops.
• A box of freshly picked cherries, berries and seasonal fruits will be delivered Xmas Eve. Melb metro area only.
• Valued at $2295

Welcome to Wild About Wellbeing Farm… where our focus is on the wellbeing for you through healthy eating, enjoyment, and learning, as well as for our animals and the environment. 


With three generations of farming under our belt, and the fourth already has dirt under her nails, we have taken a new direction to farming.  

From being a founding supplier to a major supermarket some 50 years ago, our future direction we found was increasingly becoming more important to get closer to our customers, providing the freshest produce, with low food miles, respecting to the land and sustainable practices with total transparency. 


We decided to go back to our grass roots and farm the way nature intended, the way our forefathers did. This has been a massive undertaking for us, in diversifying our farming practices to now include extensive varieties of fruits, vegetables and animals. 

Together with our chemical free, biodynamic heritage practices, and the magic of nature, we have a new love and passion in everything we do on our farm. Everything has a purpose, nothing is wasted, and we are committed to zero waste, self-sufficiency and affordable produce: all with ecological integrity.

We believe in showing and educating people, rather than just talking about how our food is grown.  We think a living, breathing example is the best way to educate people.  Our philosophy is rooted in a ‘Paddock to Pantry’ mantra where people can purchase freshly picked, seasonal produce, that is crisp, juicy, and full of flavour, knowing exactly where it came from.


The extremely challenging years of Covid restrictions have unfortunately set us back from our planned completion date. This is why we are looking for your support to help us get back on track.  We understand the value of money and have undoubtedly stretched every penny as far as it will go.  By doing everything possible we could ourselves, recycling and re-using materials from around the farm – we aren’t afraid of hard work, mud, sweat and tears!  

While all the main infrastructure has been completed, our “food and fun” aspects are at the final stages.  With funds raised from excellent people such as yourselves, we plan to finish our wood fired pizza oven and baby animal barn. As well as purchase final items toward our ice-cream/gelato equipment and pay the plumbers and electricians to do the final fit-out, jobs we are not qualified to do ourselves. 

With your support we can achieve our “food and fun” goal ready for the new year of 2023. 


We can’t wait to see you, your family and friends enjoy what you have helped make possible and share with likeminded others.

We will update you on the progress of the completion of the “food and fun” so you can come and enjoy your funding reward.

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K  Kelly Johnson

Thank you to our early supporters. We hope you enjoy your rewards and look forward to meeting you when you come to the farm. Please share and tell your family and friends so they too can share the great value rewards while supporting an up and coming place to be.

R  Rachael Gallaugher

Do we receive the reward only if the target amount is reached? It’s not clear whether we will get the reward we have purchased straight away or not, and I have not had any emails with further information since pledging/purchasing 2 days ago. Thanks!

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