Warrigunya – Building the Future

Ended on October 1st 2022

pledged of $80,000AU

An Aboriginal led initiative to reduce numbers of Aboriginal men in jail by providing safe housing

Warrigunya Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation

Flexible Funding
Community Victoria, Australia

Warrigunya Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation is about strength despite ongoing injustice.  Designed by and for First Nations people Warrigunya puts Aboriginal men back in the drivers seat and guides them on a different life path – away from prison.

The vision is for a collaborative, holistic model of post release accommodation and support for Aboriginal men to enable them to readjust to life outside prison and to give them the best chance of becoming financially independent, culturally strong and not re-enter prison. 

Often those who enter the justice system as teenagers continue in the system well into middle age.  Aboriginal men make up approximately 10% of Victoria’s prison population but less than 1% of Victoria’s population. The justice system we have now is like an exceptionally difficult maze, with lots of entrances, but not many exits and lots of dead ends. 

The Warrigunya group understands that the lack of stable housing and support post release is a driving force behind high recidivism (returning to prison) rates.  By providing safe, affordable accommodation on our 20 acre site in Gippsland, men will have the time and space to readjust, reset and build themselves up to take control of their lives. This facility is a first for Victoria.   It is about a hand up not a hand out.

As well as accommodation in a culturally safe setting on country, the men can choose to further their art, access training and employment opportunities. 


We need you to stand with us, hear us, and support our leadership.  Although we have state government funding for Stage 1 of our accommodation build, we are in need of funds to fence and landscape our site, put in veggie gardens, a dam, bush tucker garden, workshop and art space. 

This project has the potential to change lives, families and communities.    We’ve got this, back us!

Whether your family’s been here for five years, five generations or 5,000 generations by donating to Warrigunya you can build … a better future for us all.

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J  Jane Darling

Warrigunya – helping to change lives… by giving hope to one person at a time. Be the change you want to see in the world. Do you know someone who might consider donating? Could you please share this with them ? Thank you

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