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In trouble? Send photos, live video and audio, GPS location and message with one button touch

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The problem that all families face on a daily basis!

Personal safety is a global problem, and today more people from all walks of life live in fear or feel threatened to go about their routine daily business. The instances of unprovoked random violence while out and about, domestic violence in the home and savage sexual violence are there for all to see in newspapers, TV and radio crime stories. A recent report, “Australia Talks” showed that over 37% of women in Australia felt unsafe in public places after dark. Home invasions leave many of our senior citizens living in fear, even during daylight hours, and our vulnerable children need protection at all times.

TRAKALARM has the solution to keep your family safe!

Trakalarm is our company’s solution to the problem. Wearers of the Trakalarm bracelet and the carers of children and the elderly who wear the bracelet are given peace of mind in the knowledge that summoning help and alerting others is only the touch of a button away. Powerful, personal protection utilising cutting-edge technology and high-resolution low light camera imagery is now available globally at a very affordable price.

The benefits of using the TRAKALARM device!

Trakalarm is a simple, yet powerful device to use. The clean, elegant bracelet sitting on your wrist allows an immediate response to any situation that confronts the wearer. In only 'ONE TAP', all safety features are initiated. In less than 3 seconds the alarm is activated, your location identified, a pre-set text message with video or photos of the situation has been sent to your pre-loaded contacts phone. Help is now on the way! If you have young children or elderly relatives, you can also activate two-way monitoring of their bracelets from your phone back to your phone. Nothing else on the market can do this.


A young 24 year old Australian woman, walking her dog on a North Queensland beach in 2018 is brutally murdered! Loved, humble, beautiful, free spirited and animal lover - this is how she is described by many locals. The person responsible remains at large, and the loss has not only devastated the family but also the impact has shocked the local community.

Unfortunately, this is not a work of fiction, and similar tragic events are all too common in our world today.

Following the mourning of such a beautiful soul, the community has one common question for all Australian families. How do we protect our loved ones?

Trakalarm is our company’s response to this terrible tragedy and is the world’s most revolutionary new safety device. It works independently of a mobile phone, to immediately send photos, videos and sound recordings, with your GPS location, to emergency services or your contact list when you are in trouble. At your discretion, Trakalarm can also sound an alarm to alert those around you of a potential threatening situation

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Just for a small moment, reflect on what your normal Sunday looks like with a loved one. Is it a morning phone call with your son or daughter checking in and happily discussing the events from Friday and Saturday? Is it a lunch with your elderly mother or father that can easily be taken for granted? Is it cooking a Sunday roast while your teenage children play and interact with the local community? Imagine, this Sunday was no different to any other Sunday. The outcome of each Sunday was always the same. A love for family and friends. A day of free-spirited happiness and a total love for life. Imagine one normal aspect of any Sunday that is totally innocent and is not linked to any thought of danger.

Take a moment to click our social links and share both our product and the impact that Trakalarm is striving to make on the safety of our community. It could save a life!








Suddenly, sadly, on this day the normality of life changes for your loved one and will devastate your entire world. On this day your loved one is running late from returning from a routine interaction.  A phone call you usually receive does not come. On this day a loved one does not return, instead, there are police knocking at the door asking you if you are the next of kin of your loved one, your life turned upside down forever.



Trakalarm has been designed with high-quality components at an affordable price, so we can reach everyone in the world who wants to feel safer. Our recommended retail price will be AUD $260 which positions our product affordably while acknowledging the engineering, quality, and design this safety bracelet provides.

Our dedicated Research and Development Team has ensured that Trakalarm is focused on security and safety with the latest engineered technology, providing the best performance and price for a wearable safety device.

Trakalarm is suitable for the whole family as the device is being engineered from the current prototype to become a sleek, yet subtle, wearable bracelet with the world’s best personal protection capabilities.


Trakalarm also offers remote access to the camera. This allows the creation of groups, with the purchaser having the ability to activate all of the functionality of a group registered bracelet back to their mobile phone. In the case of young children, people in aged care, dementia or Alzheimer's sufferers, you will always know where they are.



The product provides much needed safety enhancements to all who wear one, and every person in the world today deserves to feel safe when going about their everyday activities.


* these rendered images have been produced from our completed manufacturing files

Whilst Trakalarm has sourced funds to begin the prototype build, all funds raised in this campaign will be used to further Trakalarm’s growth:

·        Tooling and manufacture

·        Increased Research and Development budget, including satellite phone connectivity

·        Increased Marketing budget

·        Global certification where applicable

·        Shipping the initial order to crowdfunding backers and early adopters

·        Device production to fulfill initial orders


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Our development team is working closely with industry-leading IoT vendors to deliver a cutting-edge solution for everyone worldwide. The engine of our third generation prototype is a modem that is less than half the size of the previous model, yet giving us enhanced performance coupled with amazing looks! We've been able to reduce the size and increase the power of Trakalarm as the prototype versions have progressed.

This prototype also uses our proprietary replaceable bands, and you will have a variety of styles to choose from. The bands are interchangeable, allowing you to make the fashion statement of your choice. The kids are not forgotten either, we will offer a range of bands to suit their smaller wrists in colours they will love.


We have worked our way through different model designs, and are committed to Prototype 3 being our production model. To achieve this, the company is focused on: 

·        Finalising the electronic schematics on the new modem

·        Improving the user experience and UI design

·        Reducing the overall size to the new design

·        Utilizing the latest components

·        Updating the camera specifications

·        Evaluating and testing SIM cards globally

·        Testing and fine tuning the user experience of the device

·        Sourcing manufacturers

·        Testing with initial adopters globally



Global crime statistics are shocking with the rates of assault, sexual abuse and violence rising for children, teens and adults growing each year.  In the past 12 months, the world has undergone a seismic shift, with our lives changed forever, and more societal dangers than ever before.

A July 2020 Australian Institute of Criminology report surveyed 15,000 women from all socioeconomic backgrounds and found that 4.6% of women surveyed experienced physical or sexual violence from a current or former cohabitating partner. For many women, the COVID pandemic coincided with the onset or escalation of violence in the home. Many women, particularly those in more serious violent relationships, said concerns for their safety were a barrier to seeking help.


If you are here, we believe that you, like us, share our belief and dream

That belief is that every person has the right to live without fear..fear of being intimidated, attacked, abused, of their very life being endangered. Irrespective of your gender, your race, your location, your politics, your sexual orientation, you have the right to personal safety - at all times.

In Australia, over 200,000 children were suspected of being harmed or at risk of harm from abuse and neglect in one year (2015-16), according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

As a result, family, domestic, sexual violence and child safety is an increasing concern globally. Societal changes are also on the rise with civil unrest and an increasingly dangerous global environment.


Why Trakalarm?

Trakalarm company spokesperson, Steve Jenkins, spent 35 years in the Queensland Police Force in Australia, and has worked both as a detective and as a manager of a Police communication centre, receiving thousands of emergency calls per month.

Steve says that Trakalarm will help save lives and assist Police in providing vital evidence to solve crimes. The photos, sound, and vision that Trakalarm captures should be admissible in a courtroom.

“Trakalarm is important in enhancing people’s safety when they find themselves in trouble. The device will assist both Police and emergency services in providing a faster and better response with evidence of the situation and perpetrator.”

In a perfect world, Trakalarm would not be needed….but the world is not perfect.

Confronting, dangerous and life-threatening situations are out there in our daily lives. Turn on any TV set, tune in to any radio station, read any newspaper and these stories are part of the daily news diet. If Trakalarm prevents just one traumatic experience for a young child, reunites just one lost dementia or Alzheimer’s patient with a loved one, saves just one life then we have made the world a better place.


Trakalarm is…

·        Ideal for children, keeping them safe with a stylish look that they will love on their wrist

·        Ideal for parents, as our remote access function allows two-way monitoring

·        Ideal for the elderly, remote access offers peace of mind for them and their loved ones

·        Ideal for travellers, you can remain connected over global networks

·        Ideal for adventurers and bushwalkers, GPS locations and images are sent instantly

·        Ideal for women, Trakalarm is your “wrist angel”

·        Ideal for remote workers

·        Ideal for boating

·        Ideal for farmers, especially those on large properties



LOS ANGELES, Feb. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – “The Global Smartwatch Market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 20.1% during the forecast period 2020 to 2027 and to reach around US$ 88.7 Bn by 2027. Rising demand for wearable devices with advanced smart features is the major factor expected to drive the growth of the global smartwatch market. Consumers inclination towards the use of smart devices with the rising technological advancements of devices is expected to increase demand for smartwatches. Consumer spending on healthcare is increasing, resulting in demand for smart watches in this market segment. The increasing demand for smart devices and introduction of innovative solutions are factors expected to augment the growth of regional smartwatch market.”

This demand is a massive boost for Trakalarm with expectations to expand our product line and our international footprint. Within the first year, the goal is to cement relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers, keep a critical eye on our quality control, ensure that our supply line into our Amazon centres is efficiently delivering the required stock levels and that we are achieving the sales targets with good marketing.

Trakalarm has recently secured an agreement with an Australian company, 3West Consulting, to market the Trakalarm brand into India. The company is a well-established Amazon and on-line seller in India with an extensive network, and takes on our project under an exclusive licensing arrangement. This agreement is a major step in ensuring Trakalarm’s position in our global markets.

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M  Michael Vietheer

Brilliant idea. Love the look and all the things trakalarm has to offer.

T  Tom Scott

In the video it states this is the first device in the world to transmit Voice, Video and GPS location. FYI, I have been wearing one of the devices for about 5 years now and it has all those features plus fall alarm, pill reminder and many more features I do not use including heart rate and blood pressure. Perhaps some research by your company on what currently exists is warranted

T  Tom Scott

Would you please clarify something for me?

In the campaign details it states third prototype was made in May 2021 – however, on your Facebook page there are images of the same design going back as far as Sept 2019.

Which date is correct?

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