The Perdita – Elegantly Styled Pure Baby Alpaca Wool Poncho

Ended on June 21st 2018

pledged of $2,700AU

Help kick-start our budding business and get a high quality ethically sourced item at a great price!

Being fashionable and keeping warm in winter now go hand in hand with supporting the people that make your clothes! 

Inspired by our travels and the #whomademyclothes movement, we have partnered with Peruvian mothers who hand make beautiful clothes out of alpaca wool. 

To get our business off the ground, we are pre-selling some of our favourite pieces at an introductory offer price. Each piece is hand made in Peru using sustainable alpaca wool and we guarantee that everyone who worked on the garments was treated and paid fairly. 


Why Alpaca wool?

Alpacas are super sustainable animals! They are used to the harsh conditions of the Andean mountains and therefore only eat what little vegetation and water they can find in the wild. They also give more wool than your average sheep and best of all, no alpacas need to be harmed to get it! 

The dyes used in the production of these garments are 100% natural. Alpaca wool is also known to be easier on the skin than other materials because it is hypoallergenic. It will keep you warm but because the fibre is natural you won’t feel stuffy or sweaty like you do with polyester. Do yourself and the environment a favour and go for alpaca wool! 


Why Mama Coya?

After meeting some of the amazing families that farm llamas and turn their wool into beautiful garments in Peru, we could not stop thinking about how much better those items are compared to our fast fashion equivalents.

We started Mama Coya to make a change. Mama Coya roughly means Andean Princess, Qoya or Coya being the word for principal wife or queen during the Incan times. 

Say goodbye to fast fashion and the pollution and exploitation that comes with it. The amazing ladies making your clothes are paid a fair wage and our supplier is fair trade certified. The materials are superior and the quality is amazing. All garments are handmade.

Last but not least – we hand pick the best looks that are stylish and timeless, so you don’t look like a failed DIY project. 

This campaign is to get our black and white Perdita poncho produced.



How can I get one?

To get The Perdita produced, imported, and shipped to your home address we need some commitment from you so we can raise some capital. When we reach our ReadyFundGo target we will start the production process! 

When can I get my poncho?

As you can imagine, getting these beauties hand made to order means that the turn around time is a bit longer than ordering from a fast fashion chain.

That said we have worked out a solution with our supplier that means you will not wait longer than 60 days from the end date of the campaign until the item is delivered to you. If you are based in Australia, we will cover the cost of your shipping too! 

That’s 2 months or less to have a beautiful, hand made garment that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Once we are up and running with our business we aim to stock a selection of ready made products in Australia, which should enable a much shorter lead time for your next purchase. 


Before you go…

We are starting campaigns for the below styles in the near future! Stay in touch via to find out when they go live! 




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