The Midlife Women Pivot Framework Program


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Midlife Women learn Mindset and Money skills and turn their passions into an online income

Your-selfactualization / The Midlife Digital Coach

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Queensland, Australia

I help Midlife Women harness their skills and passions to create an online income from scratch, without worrying about her finances, what other people think, and with the support of a community using the Midlife Women Pivot that she can live in her fullest expression, with renewed self-belief, and fully aligned with her values and beliefs creating a Legacy of impact for her loved ones, her community, and her world.

I help Midlife Women pivot at a time when women are not only dealing with their physiological changes but also dealing with work problems, family issues, securing finances, reaching personal goals, and many involved in the care of their senior family members.




Encouraging and supporting the empowerment of women to create a sustainable income provides the ability to make better decisions about their money, health, and wellness choices ensuring we are able to participate actively and confidently in the day-to-day decisions.


πŸ‘©πŸ½‍πŸŽ“ I have developed skills and experience: 

- Certified Money Coach,

- Financial Counsellor,

- Life Coach, 

- Digital Marketer, and BSchool Business Diploma

that has helped me to develop the framework for the program in response to research working with Midlife Women over the decade.


✨ The mission of Midlife Women Pivot Your Life is to:

"teach women the mindset and money skills to transition from feeling stifled in her job and her life, to re-discover her inner passion and create a thriving purpose-driven online income to improve self-reliance, while creating positive impact for herself, her  family, friends, and her local community."


I have developed the website and membership site,

Completed the recording and developed the programs for the BETA testing phase.

I am seeking to raise the funds required to partner with a highly experienced team of Business strategists, to develop and launch marketing campaigns, and progress through:

> >>BETA testing,

>>>> marketing, building waitlist, and

>>>>>global launch within 3months of funding.

The program consists of: 

πŸ’» Online bite-sized modules available 24/7

πŸ‘¨πŸ½‍πŸŽ“ Wkly 1-1 Coaching

 πŸ“² Virtual group coaching sessions weekly

πŸ’» Virtual live recordings available for participants to access 

πŸ“Participant Workbooks

BONUS course included:

Participants will also receive access to: Midlife Women Pivot Your Money Program



I have invested $20,000  over the last 2 yrs in skill development, practice, experience building, and building resources to ensure we deliver maximum results for our participants.


βœ… If my proposal resonates with you and you are willing to invest, I am offering the opportunity for you, or anyone you refer, to be included in the BETA testing of my program.


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