Help get Sunshine Cycles back in business

Ended on January 22nd 2021


Help us re launch our amazing solar powered ebike rental business from 2020 destruction and thrive!


ebike rental for 2 for a day.

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take you and a friend for a day cruising the countryside seeing why Byron is such a world renowned place. If your not in Byron you may use at any time when we expand and bring our business to a place near you. Time frame is unlimited!

custom airbrushed z ebike

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check out these custom airbrushed bad boys. below cost with $600 worth of art on them.
1 of a kind. check variants in the updates section for color combos. can ship immediately. plus postage or pick up local.

your own custom 500w top of the line Z ezriderz bike

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for every contribution over $4,000 we will customise a top of the line Z ezriderz ebike as seen on with your name and artwork and deliver to your door! be the first to own a one of a kind Z model ebike in your hood!

Plant a native tree in Australia

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Carbon Neutral Australia will plant 1 native tree in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor on your behalf.

Solar powered ebike shed with 5 custom Z ebikes

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an amazing relocatable solar powered shed with automated access and 5 top of the line customised for you Z ebikes delivered to your property for you and your family and friends to enjoy. 1 of a kind this is made from recycled plastics and will last a lifetime. If you have a property and want something different an d unique this is a one off opportunity to own your own relocatable off grid amazing piece of hardware that is super funky and ready to drop and go.

Luke Young

Flexible Funding
New South Wales, Australia

We started a solar powered ebike revolution that offers automated ebike rental for tourist hotspots around the country. After launching late 2019 we got hit hard as a new start up and although the system works amazingly well and everyone loves us we were not able to make it through to post COVID. We really need support to buy back the business from liquidation so we can continue to grow and thrive and serve our communities and support our natural environments.

Our business is based around success via ethics so we can continue to create a business success story that actively puts back into communities and the environment.

We are offering perks also such as 2x day trips for all $100+ donations.

Donations of $4,000 or more will receive a custom top of ther line Pewter Z ebike with custom decals and your bikes  own name painted onto it.

We also can offer a state of the art Sunpod solar bike shed with 5 top of the line Z ebikes build from recycled plastics as seen on our instagram and website. We can customise the bikes for personal use and locate the Sunpod on your property so you  can open with your phone and access the bikes to ride with family and friends. Any donation over $50,000 will receive one of these.



January 22, 2021

Hey folks,

Thanks to all who supported me to try to get Sunshine Cycles off the ground. I will know by 27th January if we are successful. We have managed to raise extra through some other personal sales so we have enough to bid on the company assets.

I will keep you all informed of the outcome and also forward the rewards. I can make the day rides available from February so please just contact me when your interested in taking a couple of my bikes out for a day. Also I will be shipping the other bikes once they land in Feb.

Its been quite a journey and I really appreciate all your support. Lets hope my Easter we can be operating serving the Byron area again and building up a wonderful future business thats good for the community and environment!

Never give up!


January 12, 2021

Hey Folks wanted to give a sneak preview at some of the custom airbrushed bikes exclusively available for our campaign.

Let me know if anyone wants one of these 1 off amazing bikes!



January 11, 2021

Hey folks thanks for your support to date. We are pulling this together to have a last ditch chance to get Sunshine Cycles back into operation. I have big plans if we can get through this and feel this has a bright future.

We have already sold a top of the line custom ebike. We have a few that are airbrushed and full custom. Will reveal images of these shortly.

Please share with your groups see who loves our business and wants to be part of the zero emission e-volution!


January 9, 2021

Hey legends! We have sent campaign links via facebook and messenger! if anybody can forward to other groups who might be interested in supporting us please do....

This is outr chance to take the company back and into a successful year ahead.

All the very best,



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