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Daily Dose of Dachshunds Business startup

Daily Dose of Dachshunds

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Community Queensland, Australia

Hi there, my name is Daniel and I am the owner of Daily Dose of Dachshunds on Facebook.


I opened the group on 13 November 2016 to provide a safe place for all to get advice and share their babies without all the negatives experienced in other large groups.


We have a fantastic admin team who spend countless hours ensuring our group remains friendly and caring. With the efforts of the team, we have grown to over 63,000 members!


I would love to start an online store for our members, non members and bring in all the amazing Dachshund products possible into one place. I am also looking to buy equipment for us to make our own t-shirts, mugs with photos and hats etc. 


In an ideal world I’d love to use profits to help members by donating to those in need with vet bills, prizes for members, donations to rescues etc.


It is a goal to donate to 3 major Dachshund rescues being All American Dachshund Rescue, another in UK and one in Australia.


I have started taking steps to prepare opening, registered a business name and also set up accounts and a  domain name. But the cost of gathering products, and shipping, set up etc is hard.


Any help towards our mission would be greatly appreciated to build Daily Dose of Dachshunds into something more. Either financial or link shares.


Thanks to all.

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