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Essential information, tools, templates and resources to take your idea from conception to success.

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Who are we?

The authors of this publication have started or been associated with the creation of more than ten successful businesses in IT, Fintech, Manufacturing, Publishing, Digital Platforms and On-line Services, all have commenced with a single idea and evolved into multi-million dollar enterprises.

We have experienced what it takes to raise funds, build teams and commercialise our ideas through to the point of exits by trade sales and IPOs.

What are our achievements?

1979 Co-Creator tof the world’s first Laptop Computer, the Dumont Magnum which in 1983/4 had sales of more than $20 million before a trade buyout took place. An original production model is held at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum.

1987 Co-Founder of what is now known as the FPA (Financial Planning Association of Australia).

1991/97 Self-published three business manuals

1999 Founder of SmartSalary Ltd, now known as the SmartGroup with a capitalisation of close to $1 billion

2000 we were associated with the commencement of a digital platform built to manage Employee Shares for Australia’s top companies. This company is now a multi billion-dollar company known as Computershare.

2002 Co-Founder Fintech venture (PBI Benefit Solutions Pty Ltd) which redesigned a MasterCard and a Visa Card for Westpac to deliver employee benefits to the 1.2 million eligible Australian employees. After 10 years and a consistent EBIT exceeding 90% this company was sold to SmartSalary Ltd.

2015 Co-Founder of an award winning communications technology venture (IoL Technologies Pty Ltd) that is establishing a communication platform embedded in LED lighting.

What are we creating?

In ‘Every Entrepreneurs Start-Up-Guide’ we have created a manual that explains the journey between the idea and its execution. The Guide provides insights, explanations, templates, useful links, checklists and more and covers every aspect and task that an Entrepreneur will face.image


Why are we doing this?

96% of all new businesses fail. There are many reasons why this happens.

In compiling this guide we hope to provide insights and strategies that will enable founders of new businesses to understand what lies ahead of them, avoid the pitfalls  and to navigate the path to success.

Why are we raising funds?

Funds are being raised to maintain information, techniques and resources for the benefit of subscribers. They will be used to support and expand the knowledge base and advise existing subscribers of emerging trends.

How can you help?

In today’s social and commercial environment more people that ever are starting their own business. It is said that there are more than 500 million entrepreneurs in the world. By sharing a link to our website you can assist in making more businesses successful and making the lives of others more enjoyable and productive.

What are your rewards?

The intent of is to be a subscription site with continuing updates for entrepreneurs. As an inital purchaser of the “Start-Up-Guide” complete with tools, templates and resources you will have continuous free access to new materials, updates and resources.

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