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A Sober Bar, where people who don't drink alcohol can still enjoy an evening or afternoon out.

Dave Frizzell

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Community Western Australia, Australia

I have been sober for some time now and have I believe identified a gap in a market that needs filling. A Sober Bar! A place where sober people can still enjoy socialising with other like minded people. Not only is there sober people but many people are becoming Sober Curious, Government departments are encouriging 'Sober Months', like Sober January.  Don't think a coke and orange juice, think Mocktails and exciting new drinks. All the benefirts and fun of a usual bar, just without the alcohol.

No more intoxicated people spilling drinks and being obnoxious, a wife who wants to go out with her husband and just enjoy a night out without drinking. Young people being sober curious, just seeing what life is like without having to revolve your life around alcohol and of course people like myself who once when alcohol was longer in my life there was no place to go and unwind, meet people and have a bunch of fun.

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