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Ended on January 30th 2021

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A revolutionary concept - World first FREE intellectual property protection using blockchain tech

Save-ideas Pty Ltd

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What is the campaign about?

The concept of Save ideas has been in the making for a quarter of a century. It started when the founder (Professor Dr Hazbo Skoko) was an intellectual property protection (IPR) and information economics PhD student.


“For four years I diverted my study funds to secure a patent for one of my ideas. I then waited a further two and half years to get approval for my patent. Once I had the patent approved I did not have money to commercialise it so all it was in vein.”


From then, I have been thinking that there must be a different way of increasing innovativeness and easy protection of intellectual property, i.e. making it easy, free and simple. 


Why am I doing it? 

Many brilliant innovators have ideas about solving some problems, improving lives, increasing productivity, preventing damage, saving money, etc. But unfortunately, most of these people do not have the money, nor the time to go down the conventional IP protection route. This results in stifling creativity and preventing ideas from ever seeing the light of day.



Save Ideas (featured on BBC, Harvard Business Review, Cryptovest, etc) is the world’s first free intellectual property (IP) protection platform, which has the goal to evolve into a complete ecosystem which allows stakeholders to leverage blockchain technology and preserve their IP, seek investments, obtain royalties and trade IP ownership via the native token – Save Intellectual Property Token (SIPt).


The platform aims to democratises the IP protection, and spur economic growth in this digital era by offering free IP protection, allowing innovators and inventors from around the world to safely communicate and share their ideas on a global scale, to attract investments and collaborate with experts, without having to worry about losing ownership of their IP. 


How will contributors help achieve this? 

Supporters will help Save-ideas (Sis) with their contributions to: run marketing campaign; make further technical and security improvements; increase user base by subscribing and submitting their ideas.


What is the impact of your campaign on its supporters and the world? 

Save-ideas has already provided protection for a number of realised ideas (see most popular ideas, testimonies on the site). In addition, hundreds of innovators from all over the world have had their ideas revealed to potential investors, governments and institutions.


 –  One Ethiopian inventor who protected his ideas at our site won an PM Medal for his     innovations protected on our site.

 –  Several European innovators received funds from the EU to realise their ideas and solutions.

 –  Hundreds of African, Asian, South Americas innovators are in discussion with potential investors.


At out site  (, for whichever issue the world is facing there are at least 5 different solutions. So, we need to market those ideas, solutions, to attract investors, governments, and other institutions to get them realised. 


How will SIs use the contributions? 

The funds raised from your contributions will be used to run marketing campaign, to improve the security and the business model, to promote the site and its offers to protect worlds creativity that can be realised and improve the lives of millions. 


How else can supporters help?  

Each supporter will become a part of Save-ideas team as a comission partner. We will be asking supporters to make noise and share the project with friends and family, connecting Save-ideas with potential investors, subscribers, attending promotional and other events. 



1. Each contributor may submit (and ‘like’) their ideas, solutions, art or any other creativity output ( At the end of each month during the campaign the most popular contributor’s idea is eligible for the 5% of that month proceedings.

2. At the end of the campaign, the 10 most overall popular ideas will receive Save-ideas gift pack (memorabilia, voucher and the Premium subscription).

3. In addition, each contribution will be eligible to receive Standard Subscription for one (contribution over $40), or two (contribution over $100) or 5 years (contributions of $250); or

Premium Subscription for one (contribution over $300), or two (contribution over $500), or five years (contribution over $700).


September 21, 2020

- Two articles published in the International Journal of Diplomacy and Economy, Special Issue on Intellectual Property Protection 2020, Vol. 6. No. 1 

'Evaluation of Save-ideas intellectual property protection concept', Ms R.T. Kibreth, CSU, Australia;
'Analysis of a Blockchain-based website using the technology acceptance model: the case of Save Ideas' A/Prof. Taşkın Dirsehan, Faculty of Business Administration, Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey;
For more visit:

- Save-ideas on German Global News Channel Deutsche Welle
After BBC, FANA, EthioTV, etc recently our star innovator Mr Ezedin Kamil gave an interview to DW about his inventions and protection of his 13 patents at For more visit:

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