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Ended on April 30th 2018


Interior Decorator & Computer Technician, Drone needs premises for training & design help for town


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Adam & I love the I.T Crowd show. You'll get our gratitude but also a small I.T Crowd badges I had made for our new shop

Drone Consultation

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With hundreds of various models, a consultation with Adam, a commercial drone pilot will explain which drone will best meet your needs. Usually $30

I.T Crowd Series DVD

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I.T crowd series DVD includes postage in Australia.

ipad Lesson Group Beginners Class

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ipad beginner group classes Morning tea included.
This is a beginner class, exploring and getting familiar with the iPad. You will learn: ipad email & printing; best app’s to install Photography Troubleshooting; & endless tips by qualified TAFE Trainer.

Interior Design- ongoing advice

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Interior Design ongoing advice on furniture or home wares selection, new upholstery, or individual styling of rooms.

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I.T Crowd T'Shirt Mens or Ladies 100% Cotton Quality. Sizes S M L XL XXL

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I.T Crowd T'Shirt Mens or Ladies 100% Cotton Quality. Sizes S M L XL XXL

Interior Design Initial Consultation

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Interior design consultation for paint selection, storage solutions, pre-sale styling, renovation advice & tradesmen assistance. Usually 1.5 - 2 hours for initial consultation.

Private; one on one Computer Lessons; Apple or Microsoft

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Private Computer Lessons in Apple ipad, macbook, imac, or Windows, or Microsoft Software. One on one, individual Class of 1 Hour & morning tea will be included. Adam is a patient & qualified TAFE I.T trainer of many years experience. (read the reviews on or

Drone flying lessons

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From first setup to flying Adam will show you how to use & fly your drone, safely & within current CASA regulations. If you do not have your own drone as yet, you will be taught to fly our DJi Phantom 3 Drone

A Furniture Transformation of your choosing

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Any piece of furniture that you would like upstyled into something beautiful. Lindee-Anne will highlight the best features & give you a truly individual piece to treasure. Furniture will be picked up & returned if within 50 klms. Outside of this radius, please deliver item to Rosealynd House

Rosealynd House & Certified IT Services

Flexible Funding
business New South Wales, Australia

My husband & I moved to Kyogle 2 1/2 years ago. We absolutely love this town, and embraced imagethis  community, being part of the CWA & Knitting Nanna’s Against Gas & other groups. 

We run an  I.T repairs, sales & training business in a shared rental space but this is very limiting, and we desperately need to get our own shop premises.image


My business is Rosealynd House. I am an interior designer & we want the new shop to be Two shops in One

Rosealynd House; specializing in Furniture Transformations,

Art Deco & French Country Design & homewares , & also Certified I.T Apple & Microsoft Training, Sales, & repairs & Drone Sales, Repairs & Training, as my husband is also a Commercial drone pilot.imageimage

This is greatly needed in town & we want to improve the townspeople computer skills. And I want these beautiful old homes in this area to be restored. image

The urgency now is to purchase one of Kyogle’s last Art Deco shop’s & weve been unsuccessful in the necessary $200K Loan. Money raised from this campaign will go towards buying this new Premises, that will include a Training & Consultation room. In our current rental space, we have to lock away each computer, printer, every big & little item; as the space is used by other organisations on alternate days. These past 2 & 1/2 years, my husband has had to drive to his Sunshine coast Business, 4 hours away & we need to have our own dual shop, with both Businesses to end this weekly 10 hour commute. We have  been married 24 years, & we dont want to be seperated like this any longer. In the flood of 2017, Adam was trapped half way, desperately trying to get home as Kyogle was also flooded.  If you pledge your support and share with your frienimageds, we would be very grateful. Take care image

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