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Ended on September 4th 2018

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Mindset resources & Top Tips for Success ebook for Online Activity Challengers by Personal Trainer


Just Mindset Worksheets & Top Tips for Success ebook

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9 digital mindset worksheets plus Top Tips for a Success ebook. Resources cater for all needs & goals. Access resources in email or Facebook messenger.

Pay it forward

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Love this idea? Want to pay it forward? Help us give sessions to the community for a smaller price more often. Families not as well off as the rest of us will pay what they can afford. Funds from this reward will cover the difference. Parents who exercise have more energy for their loved ones.

Online Activity Challenge Pack with sheets & ebooks

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$25 online activity challenge 2 month pk with 2 months with peers in group, plus 9 digital mindset worksheets for balance at any activity level plus healthy recipe ebook plus Top Tips for a Success ebook Challengers set their own challenge from illustrated progressions for 9 variations &/or daily steps. You must pass 6 health questions first (see questions in story info. Please contact me with any questions.

6pk progressive illustrated written exercise programs

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6 difference illustrated written progressive exercise programs with 9 variations: improve your push ups, squats, lunges, glutes, kicks & walks. Try one variation on weekdays until you master 20 reps in a row. Then after weekend rest, try another variation on that illustrated program until you master them all. Exercises with no or minimal equipment. Pick your challenge. Access in email or Facebook Messenger. Must pass 6 health questions first:

Personal Training with Heather

Flexible Funding
Health South Australia, Australia

I am a wife, mum and a personal trainer. I created PT with Heather to offer young parents a way to fit exercise around raising kids. I offer something different than big gyms where I can… No direct debit. No intimidating mirrors. Kids welcome.


Clients train at a range of sessions from private studio, to mobile pt to small group (max of 5) and bootcamp (max of 10 for monitoring safe technique) &/or post in daily Online Activity Challenge.

The challenge is flexible to complete at home, gym or anywhere. The challenge changes monthly & each month we draw a random winner. Challengers enjoy the sharing of ideas and are a great source of encourage & accountability for each other.


Online challengers join us from Whyalla & beyond. Challengers like the flexibility to complete it online & post daily progress in Online Activity Challenge facebook group from home, gym or anywhere. All participants set their own goal & are very supportive of everyone’s needs & goals.


Mindset worksheets & ebooks suit all adults. Online activity challenge & illustrated progressive programs are for participants who pass all 6 health questions first:

Do you have/have had…?

*a heart condition or stroke

*any chest pain at rest or after exercise

*any dizzy spells/lost your balance

*diabetes/control blood glucose

*any muscle, joint or tissue problems

*an asthma attack needing treatment

*a pregnancy or had a baby in the last 6 weeks?

Contact me on email or facebook with any questions or to request more info about any rewards.

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