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Help your children get more from education. Set them up for prosperity.

What do we do?

Our systems are designed to help students engage at school. Understanding that schools

distribute courses and content our system builds on this by providing relevance so students

better understand the value of whatever their school is currently providing. Student

engagement at school is key to successfull outcomes.

We provide a method for students to store and manage their school work using a

customised student owned and managed ePortfolio (see video on benefits). We take this

process out of the hands of the school and give it to the student. This is a closed student

managed environment under supervision.

The aim is to provide a safe and secure environment whileimage

encouraging responsibility, a sense of ownership and pride. Our

platform also provides a method for recording achievements and

goals. This helps when things may not be going as well as they

should reminding students that they really can achieve.

We also provide a way for students to support each other in the learning process in a

monitored environment using process that we have designed (reducing tutoring costs to

parents). This is NOT a social media platform. The discussion forums are monitored and are for education only. 


Schools as I see them

After years of teaching in the Public and Private systems as well as providing technology

support including the hosting and support of Learning Management Systems for a number of

schools along with considerable commercial experience it has become clear that our

schools have become a mass delivery system with course material the content. Education

authorities then administer this delivery system by checking boxes. So education has

become far more about administration than it is about what students require.


What does this mean for Students?

Such a system has little or no time for engaging students in the learning process or

providing relevance (why am I learning this?), students can really struggle because of

this circumstance. As a result some students don’t make the right connections and fall

behind leading to embarrassment so don’t ask questions while others just withdraw



Personally I know of students who simply withdrew from the 

process, they were no trouble to anyone so no-one paid

attention, they simply sit in class not participating. At its extreme

some students behave badly. Would you believe in some schools

there is no enforced formal process for students to record

what they do in lessons so this valuable resource is lost removing

the ability to reflect on performance and review for any task or test.


What is the function of Schools?

We believe schools have but one function and that is to prepare students for life beyond

school. As this is not really understood we see schools adminstering a content delivery

system on behalf of the relevant education authority to the detriment of students and the

skills and knowledge students need to succeed.

To make matters worse parents then engage a tutor for after hours support to make up for

what has not been successfuly learned at school. This, of course, cost money.


Where are we up to?

After 5 years on this project (even longer gathering experiences) we know quite a lot

about schools and what is required for students to get in front enabling us to put together a

platform that brings all these things together. 


We have built our own data centre and hosting environment

in Australia to manage costs as well as securing information. It

doesn’t matter where you are in Australia as long as you have an

internet connection the plaform is available for your High Schools

aged student(s).


The funds that we are looking for will help us do a number of things;

1   Establish a high speed high quality business grade internet connection

2   Allow us to produce instructional material to support users

3   Help with initial running costs

4   Help determine your interest in supporting your child’s meaningful education

5  Marketing to Schools


We are offering potentially more successfull

education outcomes by providing an environment for

students to manage the product of classes as well as

providing relevance to that work in a collaborative,

safe and supportive environment. If students

understand why they are learning what-ever they are

supposed to learn and able to ask questions and

receive answers in a collaborative and supportive environment then it’s our view they are far

more likely to engage at school. How important is that for you and your child?




Check out the rewards. You can make multiple purchases to reflect the number of High

School aged students in your home so get involved now save money and help your child

toward prosperity.

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