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Ended on January 31st 2022

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Sustainable skincare derived from Australian Manuka Honey. Designed for acne-prone and problem skin.

PollenNation Skin

Flexible Funding
Beauty Queensland, Australia

imagePollenNation Skin is an Australian skincare brand based in Queensland, created and founded by Ezra Eldridge.

Ezra’s vision is to empower those who have skin concerns to be confident in theirskin and engage in self-love. The brand blossomed from a childhood spent harvesting honey in the hinterland region of Kenilworth and a career in nursing, where Ezra found the two could intersect to fill a space in the world of skincare.

A brand built on harnessing the power of nature’s sweetest offering, to achieve results that will last. PollenNation Skin’s products are crafted with 100% Australian Manuka Honey and proudly Australian owned.

PollenNation Skin is infused with not only sweetness, but a pot-full of self-love


We’re a skincare brand crafted with the finest Australian Manuka Honey to support you on your skincare journey.

Our mission is to make the world of skincare a little sweeter, and to empower you with skin confidence along the way.

Sure, Manuka honey is sweet to taste when drizzled over your morning breakfast, but it’s even better lathered on your skin. So, we created honey infused skincare that you and your skin will love.

Our honey is sourced from Queensland Australia. It’s a versatile, skin loving ingredient that suits all skin types, is rich in antioxidants and antibacterial properties.

Let’s be real Honey, we want to revolutionise the beauty industry, by taking a step back to the remedies of natural skincare where there is no fuss (but a drizzle of honey, of course).


So, buzz buzz – here we are.


So, buzz buzz – here we are.


Your support would help PollenNation Skin come to life in 2022 



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