packBacks-Storm packs and Bug Out Bags

Ended on May 31st 2021


The backpack every household should own in case of an emergency - packBacks


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business Queensland, Australia

Every household  should have an emergency exit plan,  and an emergency pack.  I aim to put together affordable pre-packed bags filled with everything you need should you have to leave in an emergency. 

I started over a year ago and began selling the individual items that go in the pack and was having great success… Then Covid 19 hit,  and I had no day job to pay my bills and put food on the table, so the money I had made re-investing in my business was spent.  

Now I need your help. I am back to square one financially,  but I haven’t given up. I have again  sourced all all the products I need at great prices and am ready to begin selling. 

I aim to get enforcements from Weather and Fire services and begin a YouTube channel promoting the gear and explaining why you need this bag and the equipment in it.

I hope that you can assist me in my start up business.  Thank you


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