Oz Cro Soccer Show Podcast Fund Appeal

Ended on December 31st 2021

pledged of $3,000AU

The Oz Cro Soccer Show will be a weekly podcast covering football from an Australian Croatian angle

Community Sports Media Services

Flexible Funding
Community Victoria, Australia

SOCCER, or nogomet – as we say in Croatian – has always been more than a sport to Croats in Australia since the post-War pioneers of our community first arrived here back in the early 1950s.

It has always been that unifying force that has captured the community spirit and allowed our Croatian communities throughout the Land Down Under to thrive and remain strong despite the arrival of the third and even fourth generations of Australian Croats on the scene.

Apart from allowing many of the Croatian migrants – and their offspring – to contribute positively to their new homeland, it has also managed to keep our patriotic community united when politics, religion, regional differences and many other issues have failed to do so.

Today it remains one of the few truly uniting tools that bridges the gap between the Domovina and the Diaspora.

With that in mind, we have developed the all new Oz Cro Soccer Show podcast, to be broadcast weekly in English and which will endeavour to cover all the latest news, views and current affairs concerning all things football – both with the Croatian football clubs in Australia and football in Croatia. We hope you jump on board and come for the ride…

“U boj, u boj, za narod svoj!”

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