Oz-Ezyrider Paddle Keel Board

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Oz-Ezyrider paddle keel board. A new innovation for the paddle board market.


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Come and try out the Oz-Ezyrider for yourself . Bring a friend. Our trials will be on week ends ,up to four locations on the last Saturday of each month , in Dec, 2018 Sydney and other coast line Locations, will be posted on our Facebook page from week to week .This is a great day out, meet Jenny and the team. Our supporters will be sent dates and locations . lot's of fun. plus BBQ. Take care.

Oz-Ezyrider Paddle keel board . One could be yours

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All of our supporters will go into our draw for chance to be picked , for one of our
free boards, with a full accessories package including carbon paddle valued at
$300.00 Plus a four year replacement warranty and free shipping . Package retail price $ 989.00

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Women Power . Author John O'Loughlin . This little book is about, startups. Ideas to
success and the power of the Women in business. Great business tips. Plus a paddle boarding DVD. Free shipping

Inflatable. Paddle keel board . At wholesale cost.

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Oz-Ezyrider Inflatable paddle keel board-Lynx 9'6" x 32" x 6" Comes complete with pump and a full accessories package including a carbon paddle ,valued at $300.00 Plus a four year replacement warranty and free shipping Package Retail price $989.00

Lynx 10'8

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Oz-Ezyrider Inflatable Lynx 10'8' paddle keel board. Comes complete with pump
and a full accessories package, including a carbon paddle valued at $300.00 Plus a four year replacement warranty and free shipping package
retail price $ 1,154.00

Oz-Ezyrider board Tiger 11' At wholesale cost.

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Paddle keel board Tiger 11' x 32" Solid core board. Comes complete with a full accessories package including,the Oz-Ezyrider carbon paddle ,valued at $300.00 plus a four year warranty. Travel bag. and free shipping. Total retail package$2,310
All our boards are hand crafted & manufactured from the best quality material,And
carry a full replacement warranty.

Starpan Pty Ltd Trading as Oz-Ezyrider

Flexible Funding
business New South Wales, Australia

Inspiration for the Oz-Ezyrider Paddle Keel Board

On a nice sunny day I was sitting near the harbour waiting for my lunch. As I was looking  down on a small beach, I saw a man trying to get on his paddle board with no success.

I felt sorry for him, he would try to stand up on his board but each time he tried the board would just flip and move away from him time and time again. In the end he just gave up, threw the paddle to the side and just ended up laying down flat on his board using his hands to paddle the board.

Paddle boards are like small yachts, and a yacht would not be stable without a keel. This is where the paddle keel board started to become a reality.


How It Works

Paddle boarding can be quite challenging for most of us. This new innovation in paddle boarding will take away any worry you may have about this great sport. The paddle is inserted through the board, making a keel which gives the board stability. Hold the paddle shaft to help you stand, when you have your balance remove the paddle from the insert and make way with ease.

Here is a video demonstrating someone using the Oz-Ezyrider paddle keel board. Our lovely young Jenny is on the 11′ x 32″  Oz-Ezyrider board. This was her first time not only on the board, but her first time paddle-boarding! Jenny is now our number one fan, and has become part of our team. You can meet Jenny at our trial days,and have a go yourself.

Click Here to View Demonstation Video: Oz-Ezyrider Paddle Keel Board Video


Health Benefits

Paddle-boarding can improve your physical and mental health. The OZ-Ezyrider provides a convenient and simple method for you to begin your assault on getting your body in shape and achieving a healthier lifestyle. Paddle keel boarding is a full body workout without the stress of the gym, great for any age, or level of fitness. We have a paddle keel board to suit you. This is paddle boarding made easy. Guys don’t forget who you know,when you go paddle boarding is more fun with two.

The OZ-Ezyrider will help you get started, you will look great, feel great, and have so much fun your life will have a whole new meaning for you. When you look good you feel good.


Project Costs

We are looking to raise funds so we can bring this wonderful product to the market. For the last three years, this project has been self-funded. The funds I seek would assist with:

– the manufacture of our Oz-Ezyrider boards, and land our first container of the boards to Australia for sale and distribution.

–  the cost of shipping and goverment fees/taxes.


Why Support This Project

The Oz-Ezyrider paddle keel board is currently in Trademark and is Patent protected. The tooling for the paddle keel system and our carbon paddle to suit are complete, and form part of the intellectual property of Oz-Ezyrider, an Austrailan company.


.All our boards are hand crafted and manufactured, from the very best material and carry a full four year replacement warranty.


We have started to market this product, through our website, facebook and Instagram pages.

This is an Australian Innovation. This project has great employment and business opportunity, not only to supply the Australian market, but the international market also.

Paddle boarding is the fastest growing water sport activity in the world today and growing at fifteen percent. The global market is estimated at $ 9.99 Billion. We have not being offered any grant support from the groverment for this project to date.


A Little About Me

My background is that of a product developer, boat builder manufacturer, inventor and author.  Books I have written include: StartUps: 30 Days to Market  & StartUp The Long Road,  which is available on Amazon. Plus my new book ‘Women Power ‘. This little book has lot’s of tips for business startup’s and inventors. 


This is John O’Loughlin. Inventor of the Paddle Keel Board. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for any support you can give me in making this Australian Innovation a success story.

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