Outback Clinic Transport & Accommodation Vehicle Needed

Ended on October 9th 2019

pledged of $30,000AU

We require an offroad transport / accommodation vehicle for our rural Endocrinology clinics.


Flexible Donation

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Your contribution is greatly appreciated - Thank you!

Plant a native tree in Australia

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Carbon Neutral Australia will plant 1 native tree in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor on your behalf.

Your logo and / or name on our vehicle!

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We will be delighted to clearly display your logo and / or name on our vehicle!

Health & Wellness Consult - 1 Hour

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Health & Wellness Consult - Enjoy a one hour consult with Dr Thomae.

Health & Wellness Package - 3 x 1 hour consults

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Health & Wellness Package - 3 x 1 hour consults with Dr Thomae

Wellness Package For A Drought Affected Family

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You will be giving the gift of 5 one hour consultations with Dr. Thomae, Endocrinologist & General Physician to a drought-affected farmer. You can nominate the recipient confidentially to Dr. Thomae or we will ask our local General Practitioners in St George, Goondiwindi and Charleville to nominate a farmer in need on your behalf.

Advertising & Speaker Appearance

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We would love to advertise your business and services on our website, across social media and while we're out on the road delivering health care to people in need.
Dr. Thomae would also be delighted to speak at your event.

The Ultimate Reward Package For Donation of The Vehicle

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The Ultimate Reward Package for donation of the vehicle (donated vehicle lease or donation of the vehicle itself) includes:
1. Advertising on the vehicle, our website and across all of our social media platforms; 2. Wellness packages for 10 people made up of 3 one-hour consultations per person with Dr Thomae;
3. Five wellness presentations / speaker appearances provided by Dr. Thomae;
4. Additional negotiable promotional activities.

Loma Vata Holistic Care (Impact Medical Enterprises, Dr Merryn Thomae)

Flexible Funding
Health Queensland, Australia


Dr. Merryn Thomae (with the Loma Vata Holistic Care team) currently provides Specialist Endocrinology & Internal / General Medicine Services to clinics across Brisbane, Dalby, St George, Goondiwindi, Charleville, Cunnamulla, Byron Bay & the Sunshine Coast.

To take her services to these towns, she drives her 2013 Toyota Prado and stays in local motel accomodation.

Dr. Thomae provides public and private clinics; face to face, Telehealth and weekend appointments. She offers comprehensive health assessments and strategies for living well. Her aim is to empower the individual and their primary health care team to improve overall quality of life and health outcomes. Merryn provides education and upskilling sessions in every clinic.

Merryn is passionate about taking mobile health care services to people in regional, remote and other areas of need. She is committed to serving the Veteran Community, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Communities, people living in rural Australia and all those requiring specialist care.

In order to access specialist care, many people living in remote areas have to travel long distances to urban centres. The associated costs for travel, accommodation, lost work hours and absence from family / other commitments are significant. This sometimes results in people delaying medical care or going without it. As a result, the people we provide services to in remote areas regularly express their thanks that we choose to bring specialist services directly to them, in their towns on a regular basis.

Dr. Thomae is planning to visit more remote area towns and is seeking an appropriate off-road vehicle that can also provide accommodation & clinic space when local clinic rooms are not available. Any contributions to this end would be very much appreciated e.g. sponsor-donated vehicle lease, donation of the off-road vehicle itself, donation of safety equipment for the vehicle such as spotlights or UHF radio. 

All sponsors and donors will receive promotion across our social media platforms.  Please see our Rewards section for more benefits!

Thank you for considering our cause.


The Loma Vata Holistic Care Team



August 3, 2019

Exciting Update:

We have found a supporter on the Gold Coast who can custom-build a trailer to meet our requirements at a discounted cost of $30,000!


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