Organic Skin Care for Kids to help fund disadvantaged teens

Ended on April 29th 2015

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Invest in TOOFRUIT, an organic skin care range for children, and be a part of sponsoring disadvantag

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Many teenagers today suffer from issues such as low self-esteem, poor body image and bullying.  This leads to greater emotional and physical problems like depression, anorexia and even self-harm.

A report, recently published by the Children’s Commissioner, stated that over 18,000 children and young people were hospitalised across the nation for intentional self-harm over the past five years.

Three years ago, we designed a unique one-day course called Tweens, Teens and Self-Esteem to address this problem.

The first half of the course is run by a qualified adolescent psychologist.  Issues such as bullying, cyber conduct, communication, self-worth, and self-image are discussed through a workbook format and we also teach some life skill techniques.

Part two is conducted by a professional beauty expert.  Basics of nutrition and skin care are discussed which leads into an interactive workshop on age appropriate makeup.

The second part of the day is very important as part of boosting confidence and self esteem is understanding that when we look good it contributes greatly to us feeling good too!

Unfortunately not all teens that would really benefit from this course can afford to enrol in it.

Recently we were approached to launch and distribute an exciting new French, Certified Organic Skin Care range for children called TOOFRUIT.  Launching this through the Ready Fund Go platform means that we can also help disadvantaged teens to experience this amazing course. 20% of all skin care box sales will be used to fund these teens through the course.  For every three boxes sold, one teen will be completely sponsored to attend the course.


Why do children require a different type of skin care to adults?

The Hydrolipic film of skin  is formed by sebum, sweat and cells residue.  Its role is to protect the skin from outside aggressions such as temerature changes, dehydration, and infections caused by bacteria.  CHildren’s skin, between the ages of 5-12 years does not secrete this protective sebum.  Therefore the skin is particularly vulnerable and needs to be daily protected as unlike adults, children do not have an efficient hydrolipic film.

In 2010, Katell Perrot and Stephane Lafond, biochemist, partnered with the Besancon University Hospital to study and analyse children’s skin.

The results showed that there is a large difference from that of adult’s skin with consequently completely different needs.  After months of research and development, Katell and Stephane created TOOFRUIT, the first hygiene and face care brand for kids aged 6 to 12 years.

Product Commitments

The formulas are developed according to a very precise and binding chart that goes well beyond the organic cosmetics certification criteria.  All formulas are:

  • – without essential oils
  • – without ingredients that cause endocrine disruption
  • – without alcohol
  • – without silicone
  • – without parabens
  • – without phenoxyethanol
  • – without PEG
  • – without nanoparticles
  • – without palm oil
  • – without sulphates
  • – without artificial colourants
  • – without allergens

Company Commitments

NO TESTING ON ANIMALS.  We do not perform, subsidise or accept any animal testing during the cosmetic manufacture nor for the ingredients that constitute it.

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