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A new platform to utilise the over 50's expertise and share with small businesses

Not Past it Yet

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So, this was it! I had turned 50 and all of a sudden, all my experience, knowledge and skills made me ‘overqualified’ or they were looking for someone who was willing to work long hours, or I just wasn’t ‘the right fit’.

Don’t get me wrong, loads of friends and family asked advice on their businesses, wanted to gain from all my experience, but I wasn’t getting remunerated for it. Most of them had small businesses, and wouldn’t be able to afford full time/permanent people to help grow and solve their business problems, but they needed help.

NPIY was born out of our founder who at the ripe old age of 50, found that her skills, knowledge and experience suddenly made her unemployable? Who could she share all this knowledge with if no-one to employ her now?

Are you in the same boat?

We are starting to build a network of NPIY experts from every field, whether they be accountants, in the legal profession, business mentors, HR consultants, People and Culture experts, Sales and more!

With over 140,000 over 50’s in Australia underemployed, and another 110,000 unemployed, we are aiming to give back through a platform that can help the age group feel valued, by utilising their skills, knowledge and expertise whilst able to earn some money at the same time. Giving control back!

We all know living costs are spiralling out of control, and everyone needs to be given an opportunity to maintain their standard of living. 

A study done by Max Solutions showed that 77% of employers recognise the benefits of mature age employees, but either can’t afford them, or the ongoing roles that they need.

On the flipside, there are over 2 million small businesses in Australia, who all need help at some point…but just cannot afford to pay full time/permanent staff on an ongoing basis. What better way than to be able to gain the expertise they need on an hourly basis?

Yes, there are many platforms, grants and help available for work opportunities, but most are generally aimed at the younger market (they need it too!), but we saw this gap and intend to fill it.

Why are we crowdfunding? Well, we need initial funding to get our idea off the ground, get us rolling towards a minimum viable product quickly. We have sourced a company that can help us get there…plus we need a little funding to do a little marketing! We can then raise some capital and launch. We are starting in Australia, but we have goals to go worldwide in the future.

Will you join us? Will you help us? We are worth it!


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