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by C  Caralee Fontenele

Ends on May 30th 2020

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Raising funds for Women's Legal Service & the fight against domestic violence with a recipe book.

Caralee Fontenele on behalf of Dancing CEO

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Caralee Fontenele is a passionate divorce lawyer, business owner and wellness advocate. When she was approached to be part of Dancing CEO to raise funds for the fight against domestic violence for Women’s Legal Service Qld, it was a no brainer.  

She has been set the challenge to participate in the Dancing CEO black tie event on 30 May 2020 at Brisbane City Hall, but more than that and most importantly she has a target to raise $20,000 plus, for Legal Women’s Service Qld.

Not only does Caralee run a thriving law practice supporting people through separation, divorce and domestic violence, but she is also a passionate cook and foodie and believes that nourishing your body with real food is the best way to nurture it. She has authored two recipe books, Real Food Pledge and Real Food Everyday, with her popular recipes often being featured in print and online publications.


This, third recipe book, Nourishing You, is being created to raise funds for Dancing CEO, with all profits of the pre-sales being donated to Women’s Legal Service Qld. The book has focuses of managing stress and nourishing your mind, body and soul through Caralee’s tips, advice and recipes. The book is of the highest quality and will make an amazing gift.

Caralee’s first book is Real Food Pledge and her second book Real Food Everyday are best sellers in New Zealand and avaiable at all good book sellers.  


Nourishing You, like Caralee’s other recipe books, will be of the highest quality, featuring 90 plus incredible recipes, with each recipe lovingly photographed by food stylist and photographer Jo Anderson. All recipes are tested and proven, made with real food, and are gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free.

All pre-sale book orders will be shipped out in early May, just in time for Mothers Day.

These images are examples of some of the incredible recipes that you can expect to find in this recipe book, Nourishing You. As the book comes to life in the following months, this campaign will be updated. 


Pre-purchase a recipe book for your mum now plus buy one for your-self and your friends or better yet buy 6 at a time and have gifts ready for the entire year! If you want more than 6 please contact Caralee.

Help Caralee in her fight against domestic violence and purchase a Nourishing You Recipe Book.


To sell 1705 copies pre-sale to create profits to be donated to Dancing CEO. All pre-sale profits prior to 30 May 2020 will go to Dancing CEO to support Women’s Legal Service QLD. 

The more books that are sold, the bigger impact we can make together for Women’s Legal Service Qld & Dancing CEO.

For more information about Caralee, her law practice or her previous recipes books visit:

Dancing CEO Link –

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