Purchasing a Troopy to move people & animals to community

Ended on May 31st 2021

pledged of $60,000AU

BACKinTRACKtion needs a vehicle to provide transport for people who come to our program


Flexible Funding
Community Victoria, Australia

BACKinTRACKtion is a program based in South Gippsland, Victoria, that enables young people (7-25yo) to find a renewed belief in themselves.. when they are ready.

We venture out and about in nature, as well as activities on the farm… with a focus on working dog training.. in order to come closer to ourselves.

BACKinTRACKtion provides opportunities to go under behaviour and see what is really wanting to be heard. Experiencing a variety of activities can take us into our vulnerable selves. 

As we move around .. with the dogs .. a key element is engaging in conversations, road trip games and story telling. We need a vehicle that keeps us together for this magic to happen.

BACKinTRACKtion provides opportunities to skill-up and give back to community. 

We begin to find one’s life purpose, build on this pathway, then step out with confidence and a self belief to follow our dreams.

Your financial support is needed so we can grow and continue our much valued work in using a clear language to speak what is alive within, and dropping behaviour.


3 participants and 2 facilitators … and yes 4 working dogs at the feet of 3 of these people.. on our trip to the snow .. in my family hatchback car!!


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