Purchasing a Troopy to move people & animals to community

Ended on May 31st 2021

pledged of $60,000AU

BACKinTRACKtion needs a vehicle to provide transport for people who come to our program


Flexible Funding
Community Victoria, Australia

BACKinTRACKtion is a program based in Gippsland, Victoria, that enables people to find a renewed belief in themselves.

It provides opportunities to go under behaviour and see what is really wanting to be heard. We use working dogs and nature to reconnect with oneself. To build trust… with oneself first, then with others.

We provide opportunities to skill-up and give back to community … who once possibly stood in  judgement or fear of oneself.

We find focus and passion in living.

We begin to find one’s life purpose, build on this pathway, then step out with confidence and a self belief to follow our dreams. 

We build a sense of belonging – community, family – and a space to be heard.

We accept everyone with where they are at, in any given moment.

Last week, a 19yo female and myself drove to outback Qld to attend a working dog school with 3 of our kelpies. A roadtrip brings out many conversations and a chance to explore the country and build connections and experiences. With 3 dogs in the car with us, it became apparent how much we need a more appropriate means of transport.

Also, coming into winter, we need to be able to deliver firewood (after we have cut and split it) to people within our community who need wood to stay warm and may not have the financials to buy it themselves. 

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