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Emotional tool-box of effective tips and exercises for children to teens for positive mental health.

Heidi Horne Yoga and Wellness

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Health New South Wales, Australia

Hi, I am Heidi Horne and I teach and coach yoga, meditation, and wellness techniques, from children to corporates.  I have dedicated my professional life to sharing my expertise to allow others to feel happier, healthier, and more positive in their everyday lives.  

As well as being a Senior Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Wellness Life Coach, I completed studies last year in Counselling and Mental Health at Western Sydney University.

While studying, I read report after report showing the statistics of lowered mental health of young people.  Covid-19 has increased stress and anxiety levels of children and teenagers over the last year, and made me even more passionate to provide information that can be used at the grassroots level.  Setting up easy and effective ways and using them to help cope at those times we all feel stressed, anxious, scared or sad.

I am passionate about the wellbeing of children and teenagers (I have an 11 and 14 year old of my own), and want to help them create resilience, a personal emotional tool-box, as well as a daily habit to check on their own mental heatlh.  I have recently finished a book called Mindflip Moments, which will also be converted to an online program.  

If this resonates with you, I am asking for help from the community to help me fund this project to raise funds to cover inital self publishing of book and launch of online course on website.  I would also like to donate some of these books to the schools to use for the students I currently teach.

BOOK: Target age 8-18 year olds

Benefits include:

•Create energy•Feel connected and calm •Be present•Help release stress •Tips for anxiety and fear •Help with good nights sleep •Introduce meditation and yoga •Breathe more deeply •Daily check-in with self


“Yoga and mindfulness makes me feel more  relaxed and calm even if I get angry.

Yoga helps me to stretch my muscles and bones. It makes me strong and healthy.

I like doing yoga with Heidi because she makes it fun.” Jaxon, 8



I am a seasoned wellness professional, with over a decade of experience in helping those with busy and demanding lifestyles create the perfect work/life balance.

Through wellness workshops, yoga retreats, corporate coaching sessions, and school groups I spread my extensive knowledge in the five pillars of balance – exercise, breathing, thinking, relaxation and nutrition – and work to transform demanding and energy-draining lifestyles into something a little more Zen.

I teach regular Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness classes to pre-school, primary, and high schools during the school year. I also work with schools presenting Resilience Programs. In addition, I run successful school holiday sessions for primary school-age children.

With a passionate, energetic, and positive approach, I am a warm and welcoming professional who assists others in discovering the benefits of yoga and wellness and allowing them to lead happier and more positive lives.

I have presented at a number of Health and Wellness events in Sydney, such as the EA/PA Summits and Women’s Wellness Breakfasts.  I teach yoga, mindfulness, workplace wellness, a positive mindset, easy and effective meditations on a regular basis to corporate employees.  Recent sessions have included corporations such as HOLLARD, CISCO, KISS FM, CBA, PFIZER, INTERA, and SANTEC. 



My yoga journey began over 25 years ago, and I have been hooked ever since.  I loved the feeling yoga created in my physical body, how it calmed my monkey brain (jumping from one thought to another), and how at the end of each class I would feel on top of the world.  As a mum to two children (who also love practicing yoga with me!), I understand the importance of balance in our busy lives and using yoga to create a strong, healthy body, as well as a calm, relaxed mind.  My passion for yoga and wellness allows me to share my knowledge with my students, aims to guide others to connect the body, mind, and spirit, as well as creating a balanced and joyful life.


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