MIBOX – the idea

Ended on October 27th 2017

pledged of $3,500AU

MIBOX (my info box) will change the way you look at your information

mibox pty ltd

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The problem


Many small businesses are unaware  that their customer information is out-of-date.  Once they realise, they then waste time chasing around to find the latest information.

The idea

To make it easy for customers to manage their contact details with businesses as well as businesses being notified when information changes.



 The solution

To create a secure online platform to help both customers and businesses share contact information.  That is where MIBOX (“my info box”) comes into play.  

For customers – update your details once and across all of your connected businesses.

For businesses –  receive updates when customer information changes.

Both customers and businesses should enjoy the benefits of seeing the latest information. image

The bonus

Businesses using the platform can unlock digital business cards to share with both customers and suppliers.

The campaign

So that brings us to this crowdfunding campaign.  A short sharp campaign to help turbo charge the next step.  A small but important step to bring MIBOX to life. 

The goal is to find enough small businesses to support the idea.  Businesses realising the potential and supporting this campaign will enjoy rewards that will not be repeated.  

The breakdown

$700 – create short marketing videos

$2,500 – marketing campaign

$300 – crowdfunding and stripe fees

Any funds raised over and above the target will go to reduce the next campaign.

The risks


A successful campaign will provide the resources for the next bigger campaign scheduled to start in November 2017. 

There is no guarantee that the next campaign will achieve its goal.  But small businesses who see the potential, represent validation of the idea and encouragement to continue along the path.

If the next crowdfunding campaign is successful there is still the risk that the development of the platform may take longer than expected.  Based on the current timeline the development is scheduled to be completed between July and September 2018.

The team


The immediate team is just me, Stephen.  A Perth based entreprenuer with lots of ideas and a wealth of experience in finance, customer service and information systems.  However the extended team includes a video production house and a software development firm, specialising in the creation of customised applications and hosting services.


Then there is you, our supporter.  The one that likes the idea and wants to see MIBOX come to life – and enjoy a great reward, by jumping on board early.

If you are still not convinced, that is okay.  You can still help by sharing this campaign with your network.  That way we can find those special small businesses who can help MIBOX take the next step.

October 27, 2017

As this campaign comes to an end, it is disappointing not to reget anywhere close to reaching the to goal.

Thank you to the supporter who liked the idea.

I don't think this is a complete failure, it is still a learning opportunity and a chance to do things a bit differently.


One supporter


6 years ago

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