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Lumi, a rideshare business focusing on safety, reliability & customer service for local communities.

Lumi Ride

Flexible Funding
Community Victoria, Australia

Lumi Ride needs your help to employ Drivers to drive your local community.

Lumi offers a premium experience with local drivers that offer reliable customer service beyond any taxi or rideshare. If you need to get to the train station at 6:30, we’ll be there. If you need a lift to the doctor we’ll be there. If you always stop for takeaway on the way home, we’ll do that too.  


About Lumi

Lumi is built around unwavering values. We’re not another faceless service, we’re already members of your community. 

Lumi is not just a rideshare business, we are a piece of mind business with an ethics first mentality. For use customer service and catering to your needs is key. Whatever your needs may be Lumi is here to cater to them. 


Help us Employ Drivers

Lumi wants to expand and needs your help! We want to service all of Greater Melbourne but we need more Drivers which we call Ambassadors. That’s where you come in. Every dollar you contribute goes towards hiring Ambassadors on a casual, part-time or even full-time basis! Your dollars are directly going to help someone build a career with Lumi. 

Lumi Ambassadors don’t just drive. Lumi Ambassadors are also part of the larger Lumi Team where you can contribute using your unique skills outside of driving all while being paid. Lumi also wants you to be out in the local area where you can build the Lumi community. At Lumi your part of the Team, your an Ambassador and a driver!


The planned service area for Lumi

Lumi Fund

Another area your money will contribute to is the Lumi Fund. What started as a good deed for a restaurant La Tienda Melbourne, has sparked something within Lumi. John Gomez, owner of La Tienda, during the major lockdown last year, did a really beautiful thing, he gifted over 2000 Meals, no questions asked. Feeding those who needed it, with food that could’ve gone to waste.

The first step, free home delivery for all La Tienda customers. The second step was not to charge even a 1 cent to La Tienda or the customers. For many that extra delivery cost is the difference between being able to afford that meal. It also allowed John to keep his staff employed while delivering orders since Friday night. 

The Fund provides access to the Lumi network and drivers, to local businesses who need to get deliveries out to customers and help keep their staff employed while ensuring their product isn’t wasted. This fund is designed to assist business in need by offering support.


Community is Key

Lumi is committed to making our communities safer. All of our drivers are highly-vetted, with police checks and working with children cards, which means you can trust us to get the kids to school when they miss the bus. We have strict COVID protocols, including masks and sanitiser to keep our drivers and our riders safe.

If you or someone you know is interested in growing a new career or simply making a difference in your own backyard visit for more information on how to join our team.


“We are delivering rideshare with a difference. Community-focused, employed Drivers, wrapped in a premium concierge-style customer experience. Without the price tag”, Carl Breitenbach, Lumi Ride CEO.


You can contribute even just a dollar and help build a casual, part-time or full-time job with Lumi. Every dollar you contribute to the campaign will also be gifted back to you as Lumi credits that can be used to book your first ride in a Lumi.

Join the Lumi community, contribute and download the app today!

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