LUKSEA – Waterproof Wearable Safety Device + Smartphone App


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A wearable water safety device connecting you to friends, family & emergency services. Travel safe.



Let's Make Your World A Safer Place

Want to be one of the first people in the world to own a Luksea Wearable?

With Luksea, You'll Be Safer & Will Never Feel Alone In The Water Again!


Here's The Deets Of Our Fundraising Campaign


We are excited to launch this campaign and thank you for partnering with us to make Luksea a reality and save lives through this unique wearable technology.

To date, Luksea has received initial funding from the NSW Government, UNSW and UNSW Founders. We have the backing and support of Surf Life Saving Australia, Alaska Guide and Neil Rogers, Olympian and 5 swims ocean organiser, as our valuable trial partners who are testing the device and app in the ocean.

We now have a working prototype, however to move forward, require capital through pre-sales in order to release our first edition of the Luksea Device. Once we meet our campaign goal, we will be able to produce our first round of orders and cannot wait to get this life saving device out to our adventurers and water lovers. 

We invite you all to join us on our mission to make the water safer and explore life together.



Why Is Luksea So Important?

Luksea is a wearable safety device that aims to reduce drownings in Australia and globally.

Sadly, some of the recent statistics from Surf Life Saving Australia include: 



What's The Problem & How Does Luksea Solve It?

Currently, communication with lifeguards is limited only to raising your hand.

With Luksea, you can send an alert to family, friends & emergency services if you get into trouble while you're in the water. 



With Luksea, You'll Be Safer In The Water: 

Stay connected with family or friends on or off the shore

With Luksea, you can send family and friends a message while out in the surf, swimming, diving, SUPing, snorkelling, kayaking or rock fishing. Check in with your mates or other Luksea wearers while in the water to let them know you’re okay, or need their assistance.

Take action when faced with an ocean emergency

The ocean is a powerful place. If the unexpected happens, take swift action by sending out a distress signal. At the push of a button, you can instantly alert family and friends, as well as rescue services of your safety concern, thanks to Luksea's App and SAAS Technology.

Added peace of mind with GPS location tracking

Your nominated contact and first responders can see your location at any given time. This provides an additional layer of safety, allowing you to receive the attention you require faster during an emergency situation, should you choose to use this feature.



Here's How The Luksea Wearable & App Works:

It connects the Luksea wearable on your wrist, to the smartphone app that your family and friends can download, as well as the SAAS Dashboard monitored by rescue services.

When you push the emergency button on your wristband, it sends a signal through the app to alert your nominated contacts as well as first responders to your distress.



Luksea Is Designed For All Water Sports:

Tough Display Screen

The Luksea wearable device has a display screen designed with protective material that is oceansafe and strong enough to face most conditions. Its clever design means it can be worn while engaging in water activities such as swimming, surfing, kayaking, SUPing, snorkelling or rock fishing.


Durable Wristband

Made from quality, long-lasting, waterproof material, the Luksea wristband is extremely comfortable and lightweight. It can be adjusted to suit an older child through to an 

adult, making it flexible to suit adventurers from 10 years and up.

Buddy Check-In Feature

Using the Luksea app, you can connect your wearable device to another wearer, such a surf buddy. When activated, Luksea will vibrate on your wrist to locate and tell your friend you are okay. Family back at shore can also see your position using the smartphone app.

Emergency Alert Button

One of the most important features of Luksea is the Emergency Alert Button. When pressed, it sends your name, location and medical information to emergency services. This means you can get help sooner and your emergency contact is notified to be by your side.

GPS Location Tracker

Built into the Luksea wearable is a GPS Location Tracker which integrates with the app, providing another layer of safety. At any given time, friends, family and emergency services can see the person's location, which would aid in a faster rescue.



Mobile Application

The mobile application goes hand-in-hand with the wearable device. It stores all of the person’s information and connects with other devices. 

Medical History Details

Your medical information is stored in the Luksea app and connected to your device. If you find yourself in trouble, this information will be supplied to emergency services. The alert can be sent to a streamline app, web browser for SAAS, person’s wearable and/or mobile phone. This provides essential information if you decide to share your details with the app.

SAAS Web Browser (Enterprise Clients)

The SAAS dashboard via a web browser is designed and able to be customised for Luksea Enterprise Clients, such as first responders, to track your activity at a glance and respond quickly to life-threatening situations. Our aim is to reduce the chance of drowning by providing this technology.

*Please note -  Product images are examples only, intended for demonstration purposes.The final product may differ from the designs displayed on this page. The first edition will feature the app to connect with your nominated emergency contact, friends and family. Luksea is working with emergency services on integrating the SAAS Dashboard.


Introducing Luksea's Founder


The Luksea Wearable and App has been created and developed by Nicole McMahon - now recognised by the Australian Government as an Inventor.

Passionate about water safety, Nicole is a proud member of Surf Life Saving Australia, holding Patrol and Vice Captain roles at her assigned club.

While in the ocean, she has seen her fair share of emergency situations. During one of her drills, it appeared that a team member was missing. Thankfully it was a miscount, however this life changing event motivated Nicole to find a solution.

With over 25 years experience in the Consumer Electronics industry with Tier onecompanies including Samsung, Sony and Whirlpool, Nicole was on a mission. The result, aninnovative safety device that can be worn while in the water. 

In 2015 Luksea was born and has since gained multiple awards and coverage. This includessupport from many notable partners including Surf Life Saving Australia, UNSW, AlaskaGuide, NSW Government and 5 Ocean Swims Leader Neil Rodgers.


USA Ambassador image

Australian born, Luke Dutton - Luksea's USA Ambassador, worked as a divemaster on the Great Barrier Reef and spent time working in the snowy mountains.

After moving to California 13 years ago, he adventured around the USA as a boat captain for 11 years and runs a 65ft vessel taking visitors out to the remote channel Islands off the coast of California.

Luke has a great love and respect for the ocean and all wild places across the world.

Follow Luke's adventures on Instagram @lucas_a_d


Supporting Organisations

We're greatful for the backing of key supporters including Alaska Guide, NSW Government, UNSW Sydney, Surf Life Saving Australia, Neil Rogers - Olympian and 5 Ocean Swims Leader and Evans Fishing Tackle. 



Your Safety Is Our Mission

“We're here for adventurers”

Our mission is to help people get more out of life. To explore more. To create new experiences and feel safer while doing it. We provide peace of mind, connecting people with loved ones and emergency services during their chosen outdoor activities, so they can focus on having fun. If a Luksea wearer finds themselves in a difficult situation, they’ll feel at ease, knowing they can alert first responders at the push of a button.


Global Vision Of Connectedness

"Exploring the world safely together"

Through our simple device we engineer a world of connectedness in the water. A place where everyone can feel confident to experience the wonder of nature. We do this by using innovative technology to create the Luksea wearable. Our team is passionate about the environment. We want to protect all life including marine animals and respect the world around us.



Quotes From Luksea Supporters:

Nicole McMahon - Luksea Founder & CEO

“Drownings shouldn’t be happening with the technology available. Luksea is set to become an accessible, affordable solution to increase safety in the water for all”.

“First responders do an incredible job and we can never replace them. Luksea can assist with fast location and vital information in the rescue. This is why Luksea is so important”.

“It is more than a tracking device. Luksea provides essential connectivity for adventure seekers. They can contact friends, family and emergency services at the push of a button”.

“The support we have received from our wonderful partners is invaluable. Without their help, Luksea would not be where it is today. With my hand on heart I truly thank you all.”

“We are beyond ecstatic...we are bursting at the seams to bring Luksea to the market. My wish is for everyone to get involved and I invite the entire ocean community to join us”.

Shane Daw - General Manager Coastal Safety - Surf Life Saving Australia

“We are pleased to see the development of this concept coming to life with the opportunity to link in with the Surf Life Saving systems to help ensure the loss of life and injury within our coastal waters. Conceptually the ability to identify a person in risk situations before it's too late can save lives, this has been proven through other types of wearable safety devices. This could potentially assist with alerting first responders to persons requiring some sort of assistance”.

“We look forward to working with Luksea in the future and conducting trials and evaluations of the end product, that could in turn help save lives”.


Neil Rogers - Olympian, 5km Ocean Swims Organiser & Coach

"Very impressive. It will save lives. A wonderful thing.”

Zachary Sheldon - Alaska Guide President

“We primarily operate in remote areas with no assistance at hand other than our guides. While our guides are very capable individuals, our more extensive tours offer clients moments alone so they can feel the solitude of the wilderness. In these moments a product such as Luksea would be ideal.”

“The product is showing a clean design for simple operation which is key in times of emergency... we enjoy the feature of alerting our trained responders first and so promptly. The advanced medical information is also valuable for proper emergency response.”

“We also find the social location check option very appealing. To know where other groups may be without needing to radio in gives both discrete maintenance of isolation, and a fast visual display of potential assistance if needed.”

Cliff Evans - Evans Fishing Tackle

"I can see great benefit to your product within the fishing industry. You may be aware that fishing is the most dangerous of sports.”

“More people are killed and injured every year than in any other sport. The product has great potential for saving the lives of careless fishermen”.

Coleen O'Neill - Patrol Captain @ Bronte Beach Sydney Australia 

“As an avid swimmer (as in every day) and a Volunteer Surf Lifesaver, this product would be very useful to identify a person in distress, where they are located and any information to share about their medical history that would assist us on the beach."

”Being a part of the Surf Lifesaving Association for many years, I have rescued many people and any device that can speed up the process can only be a benefit for the community.”




Feedback from Fellow Adventurers:

When asked what their scariest moment was they said:

"Stuck in a rip zone with breaking waves, where I couldn't get back up for breath".

"I was six, at North Narrabeen beach and taken out by a rip".

"Capsized in a glacier river and separated from the group, I spent the night on the ledge of a 100 plus metre cliff”.

“Could not get into shore and was so grateful that the boat spotted me and the life savers helped”.






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