Litterly – For the health of our cats!


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Launching cat litter that changes color to indicate health issues before cats are severely affected.


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Community New South Wales, Australia

What do we want to achieve?


Dear lovely community, we have decided to launch our revolutionary health-monitoring cat litter to achieve our mission of improving the health of cats worldwide! Help us achieve that mission, make our product gain ground and change the life of cats and their owners worldwide!




About our product


Our cat litter allows owners to constantly monitor the health of their cats in a super-easy manner. The color of the litter changes depending on the state of the cat's urine, to indicate whether a cat may be getting an illness. Owners can take their loved ones to the vet before the cat is severely affected and save a lot of money for otherwise necessary treatments. Apart from that Litterly cat litter also eliminates odour, is easy to manage and only has to be changed once a month!


How on earth does that work?!


The litter is made of ultra absorbant, high quality, silica gel crystals with a pH receptive technology that allows the litter to change color. The different colors can, for example, indicate a high alkalinity or acidity of your cat's urine, which can be signs of different diseases.




What do we need from you?


We really believe in our product and are passionate about it - We hope you are, too! We would use the collected efforts predominantly for marketing efforts to make our amazing product gain ground! We would need more marketing on social media and would also investigate further print marketing! Help us in that effort, thank you so much!


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