Lauren’s Equine Superior Supplement – “LESS”

Ended on December 31st 2020

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Equine supplement using scientifically proven ingredients in environmentally friendly packaging.

Lauren's Equine

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Agriculture Tasmania, Australia

Good gut health and your horse!


I am a small regional business seeking to get a leg up in these challenging times. All I need is a small boost to allow me to meet current and future demand. The money raised will go towards raw products and packaging costs which include the purchase of reusable metal drums for local clients. 

It’s all about my passion for solving health and behavioural problems in horses by ensuring horses, first and foremost, enjoy a good, healthy diet!


Bushfires, floods, drought along with fertiliser regimes affect the quality of feed available for horses. Fertilisers ensure high production grass but these are often low in fibre, high in sugars and carbohydrates and prone to serious mineral imbalances. All of this can affect the health of the horse whose digestive system is highly specialised and different to other species.

As an equine therapist I live and breathe horse health. I live on a small farm in Tasmania where we not only breed and agist horses but we also adopt horses who have been rejected because they are ‘bad tempered’, ‘agressive’, ‘obese’ or ‘untrainable’.


Over the years I have determined that by far the best strategy for solving most health and behavioural problems is to firstly address the horse’s diet. I have used a variety of supplements and become a stockist of products. I have travelled the length and breadth of Tasmania with my one-woman business ‘Lauren’s Equine’ treating horses, providing advice and selling product. The most important thing I have learned is that people love their horses and want them to be healthy.


However, the continued supplementation of their horses feed is cost prohibitive and it creates a huge amount of rubbish and plastic waste. I also discovered these so-called ‘supplements’ included fillers which some horses were unable to consume! So not one to let a problem go unsolved – and in an attempt to reduce costs for the owners and dosage rates for my clients (horses) – I developed my own supplement.

Using scientifically backed products I have created Lauren’s Equine Superior Supplement (LESS).

Designed as a fore and hind gut digestive supplement to inhibit mycotoxins, alleviate stomach ulcers, and improve condition through an increase in feed uptake, fibre conversion and weight gain. 

I have been feeding my own horses LESS for the last couple of months with some truly wonderful results including improved behaviour and muscle strength.


You can see the ingredients below:


To do away with the pesky plastic rubbish – a killer on farms – the product is presented in environmentally friendly recyclable packaging in 5kg bags, a 10 week supply for a single horse. Interstate clients will received LESS in strong paper bags:


The metal 5kg drum below is for local Tasmanian clients who will be able to Swap and Go for discounted rates. image

Good horse care means providing the best possible environment, that is safe and natural for your horse. Spend LESS time worrying and more time enjoying a happy health horse.





“Jadis was underweight when arriving, required teeth to be done and had had little work done. She was nervous and very pushy. I started her on the supplement the first day she arrived. A week later I can notice a change in her weight, she appears more relaxed and listening to me without trying to resist what I am asking her to do. She also appears less nervous and will look for reassurance instead of barging her way through me.”


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