Landing in Australia – for backpackers by backpackers

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The ultimate go-to guide for backpackers arriving in Australia. No coverage? No credit? No problem!

Landing in Australia

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12 years ago, it was me. Fresh off the plane, backpacking all on my own and clueless! My first week as a backpacker was nothing like I had imagined. I thought I would be relaxing with a beer and instead I was trying to work out how to call my bank in the UK, who had cancelled my card, on a pay phone!

The whole experience was stressful and it took me over a month before I had set up the basics like an Australian bank account, medical and a phone.


It was that experience that planted the seed for this project. How could I help other backpackers that have just arrived in Australia? I started reading blogs, travel guides, books, hostel websites and government sites and realised that even after all that reading, it was still so unclear.  So, I started collating information.


What am I going to do with all this information?

I am creating a 48 page, passport sized book that will contain ALL the important information a backpacker needs to know when they first arrive in Australia. It will contain practical safety information as well as direct web addresses for government forms, helpful tips about making the best of the backpacking experience, what to do in an emergency and more light-hearted (but still important) info like basic Aussie slang. Most importantly it will cut through all the red tape!


Why am I creating a book not an app?

Even in this digital world, getting phone coverage outside of major cities in Australia can be a big problem. I am creating a book so that it isn’t reliant on coverage or battery life. An app may be created to accompany the book at a later date but the book needs to be born first.


How will ‘Landing in Australia’ be successful?

Professional designers are currently creating a fun engaging layout for the book. To avoid any advertising within the book’s content, relevant businesses will have the opportunity to fully customise the cover of the book with the exception of the ‘Landing In’ branding. The cover can be customised inside and out in full colour. Businesses can then sell the final customised book to the backpackers, promoting their business all over Australia.

In the future, the brand of ‘Landed In’ can be developed into any language and relate to any country in the world.


Why Ready Fund Go?

The content is written, the designers are working hard so what happens next? I am hoping to launch the concept of this book this summer and in order to do this I need to finance the initial printing. I am looking to raise $700 to cover all printing costs associated with promoting Landing in Australia to clients.


For a donation of $10 you will receive a signed Limited Edition (max 80) Gold coloured, first print of ‘Landing in Australia’ as well as your name being listed in the acknowledgements in all future editions. Plus one free membership for any digital versions in the future.


Thank you for supporting this project and for helping keep young backpackers safe.

Best wishes,






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