It Lives Within

Ended on April 6th 2020

pledged of $500AU

After a strange storm knocks out all her power, a woman is tormented by a presence in her house.

Matt Jones

Flexible Funding
Film and video New South Wales, Australia


A young hoarder, Lilith, lives alone in secluded bushland, alienating herself from everyone. When a strange electrical storm knocks out her power, Lilith gets scared and tries to find a light source. After messing around trying to find something, unconventional things start to happen and what happens next with shock you.


Hi, I’m Matt Farrugia, the writer, director, and co-producer of It Lives Within. Delving into the cosmic horror sub-genre of other dimensions and the Cthulu mythos, this will be my interpretation of certain Lovecraftian creatures.

Since I was young I have always wanted to make films, not for fame or fortune, but for the art and satisfaction of bringing a vision to life. I specifically love horror and my fascination with HP Lovecraft and the Cosmic Horror sub-genre is the basis for It Lives Within.

After a couple of strokes caused by a heart condition I was born with, I was finally able to enroll in film school in 2015 and cut my teeth with a few projects ranging from Music Videos to a Short Film all those you can find in the link below. 

It would mean so much to me if you could contribute to the development and production of It Lives Within, so I can continue making films not just for myself but to entertain everyone.

The screenplay for this was complete back in 2016, I put it in a film festival as a one off, it got selected so I entered another and it got selected again, I entered it in a few more where it ended up as a semi finalist and on a few websites as a screenplay of the year. This was back in 2018, I had a few personal problems at the time and held off making it until now.

What We Need

Even though we have been fortunate enough for our talented DP Pat Jaeger to supply lights, and camera equipment, we still need YOUR support to make this film the best it can be.

From additional equipment rentals, to paying for the location, to feeding a crew of 10, the costs quickly add up. We are trying to raise $500 through ReadyFundGo to cover the Location and pay our wonderful Actress.

imageWhats in it for you?

Well, first off, there’s the satisfaction of helping and encouraging young independent filmmakers find their voice in the industry. 

If that doesn’t cut it then we have some pretty cool incentives for you including:

Social Media ShoutoutsThank you creditsDigital copiesSigned and unsigned PostersExecutive Producer credits and more!

Other Ways You Can Help

Share, Share, Share! The best thing that you can do to help us is spread the word!And that’s all there is to it.

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