Invitation to 10 business champions to join us on our doco

Ended on February 28th 2017

pledged of $4,970AU

The WE ARE HERE documentary celebrates the culture and spirit within a small town.

Australian Horizons Foundation

Flexible Funding
Victoria, Australia

The WE ARE HERE doco focuses on one town at a time.

Our documentary crew and our host comedian Dave Ivkovic visit a small town, becomes a local for the day and finishes off the days shoot with a night of laughter with a show in the local pub or hall. We engage with the locals: everyone from the local businesses to the locals who have a story to tell: young and old.

We invite you to come on board and in return, we will place your brand on the doco that will then be produced onto a DVD and who knows it may end up on the telly!

You will be one of 10 businesses who would have made it possible for a small town to celebrate and capture their spirit and culture.  That is priceless for a small town.

In return, we will place your branding on the finished documentary, social media promotion, on the business champions honour roll on the website along with giving you the opportunity to be present on the day and have your branding visible.


 Watch here where Matt from Flash Market explains why he has chosen to support the town of Wycheproof.



Mental health matters to us here at the Australian Horizons Foundation and this is why we are reaching out to you so we can all say “WE ARE HERE” and ”WE CARE” to a small town. The pride, spirit, history and culture that is within small towns is amazing. Mates helping mates! Come join us.

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