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Ended on November 30th 2017

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Inclusion Moves is a disability activism organisation. Funding assists our pro bono activism.

Inclusion Moves

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Queensland, Australia

imageMy name is Geoff Trappett. I am a former Paralympic medalist and world record holder in the 100m wheelchair sprint. Since retiring from Athletics I have taken my passion to the disability activism sector. Culminating this year in the creation of Inclusion Moves.  

imageInclusion Moves is a social policy change company that was started with the express purpose of assisting People with Disability in entering into the conversation on matters that affect them. Nothing should happen about a person with disability without a person with disability being within the conversation.

Our purpose is to give people with a disability the skills to ensure they are able to enact their full citizenship rights like any other. Our vision is

Equal citizenship rights means accessing the Same jobs – Same venues – Same services – Same social opportunities. 

Simple. Straightforward. Uncomplicated social inclusion means a healthy Australian society for all.

A lot of the work that Inclusion Moves does however is unpaid committee work. Consulting on and ralying against decisions made by government departments and companies that affect people with disability in terms of built environment and policy.

In time I would hope unpaid committee work transitions and organisatons and governments that require the voice of a person with disability will recognise that this is a voice and input worth remunerating.

imageWhen it comes to lobbying government within the community sector we can’t simply click our fingers and buy a $5000 seat at a political fundraiser to get close to a Minister in order to advocate our position.

With a State election in the winds Inclusion Moves needs to be in a position where we can assist in giving people with disability a voice during emerging issues and policy development. Our State election disability issues page is a perfect example of the work that community can contribute too.  Qld State Election disability issues 

I need the community to work with me to contribute to operating costs to ensure this unpaid work can occur. 

Funds derived from this will allow us to sit on boards and committees that are unfunded positions, participate and organise activism when needed on policies that need to be changed and keep Qld’ers with a disability in focus during the upcoming Queensland State Election. 


I truly believe that something needs to change in the funding of the disability rights space. My hope and the social experiment element of this initiative is by showcasing consistently the work we are doing free of charge and the amazing community that supports that free work, that society itself will come to value inclusion activism as a service worth paying for.

Follow what Inclusion Moves is doing for the local community on Twitter @inclusionmoves 

September 15, 2017


Inclusion Moves has created an online space  Queensland state election disability issues where people with disability and their supporters can learn about, share and discuss issues that come about with a disability context during the Queensland state election. 

This is vital as even though disability does not get the reach in todays media that it deserves people with disability are a part of society and their issues are intersectional with most all policies that will be released. 

Should Inclusion Moves need to bring attention to issues within a policy we need funds to be able to do everything from write and promote press releases to organise full scale protests. 

Issues already being discussed are as diverse as how the introduction of Uber will affect people with disability to the suitability of artificial inteligence as a greeter for government offices given the challenges some disability types have with communication. 

Please consider supporting this needed endeavour. People with disability need an impartial apolitical space to discuss and promote the issues important to them.  


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