Heritage Steam Museum and Steam Run Coffee shop.

Ended on April 15th 2019

pledged of $52,000AU

Our lifelong dream is to share history and keep heritage alive by stepping back in time with steam

Kylie Jane

All or Nothing
business Tasmania, Australia

We hope our somewhat embarrassing and awkward video gives you an insight us as real people.  Obviously we are starting from scratch in that our needs will be a house for the machinary and a small coffee shop that seats approx 20 odd people which meet the needs of those with disabilities.   

We will utilise this pledge as phase one of our project which will include;

Land preparation – Preparing land; slip lane into property, car parking area, flatting of land in some parts. Est $20,000

Land surveyor – Est $1000

Council application and costs – Est $1000

Cement Slab –  Est $30,000

We do have some heritage machinary (the oldest known wooden steam powered thrashing machine built in 1858, an 1861 portable steam engine to drive the thrashing machine, a 1863 Nicholson overcrank stationary engine, a 1880 Frick 3hp engine, a very early marine engine (maker unknown), a Vauxhall 1870 wall mounted pumping engine, a collection of live steam locomotives and a huge blacksmithing display) to place into our museum and an ancient coal fired stove that will be our primary cooking device.  We are confident we will have the support of a few of Michael’s acquaintances who will lend us some of their vintage machinary for display also.  Michael has plans to run blacksmithing demonstrations which we hope to involve the community in.  We plan to do as much of the prep work ourselves to cut costs, obviously we will need to abide by council regulations!   We don’t need or want fancy, just homely.  We want people to step back in time and enjoy our heritage site just like the old days.   

We welcome any one to contact us and we are more than happy to talk further with you should you have any questions or even would like to meet us!  We would rather you ask questions than to assume so please ask!

Our rewards can only be redeemed obviously when we have completed our business building.  I understand this does not offer a here and now reward for your kindness.  Iv struggled to come up with something that we could offer and have available now in relation to our venture.

If your not in a position to donate we would kindly appreciate your support in sharing our dream with others.


Kylie and Michael x

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