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Ended on June 30th 2018


Promoting "health and wellness" and fostering positive change for the community and the environment.


Daily Facial Skin Care - for Sensitive Skin Types

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Natural moisturising skin cream for daily care of the skin.
If used regularly, the skin becomes visibly smoother, firmer and
more elastic. Can be used on sensitive, mature skin and suitable for the sensitive eye area. It complies with the standards of natural cosmetics.
Cremcann Hyaluron with its unique combination of active substances, e.g.:
• Hemp Seed Oil • Beeswax
• Hemp Seed Extract • Almond Oil
• Shea Butter • Lavender Oil

Regenerating Hemp cream with Colloidal Silver

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Natural regenerating hemp cream with colloidal silver for
topical care of the skin with the symptoms of acne and for
intensive regeneration after cold sores. Cream effectively
soothes irritation, reduces the incidence of enlarged pores
and improves the appearance of skin.

Healthy Movement

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Suitable for frequent use, provides relief, refreshment and relieves muscle tension. All natural ingredients and certified organic.

Whole body treatment

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Hemp ointments nourishe the skin intensively, reduces the discomfort of tension and itching. Hemp ointment for both adults and children suffering from dry, cracked, irritated and prone to flaking skin. It is suitable for complementary care of skin affected by atopy and psoriasis. Balcann hemp ointment with a high content of Omega 3-6 unsaturated fatty acids and a unique combination of botanicals, effectively nourishes and soothes the skin. Made with certified organic natural ingredients.

Retail Commercial Management Group Pty Ltd

Flexible Funding
Food Queensland, Australia


With the legalisation of Hemp Seed Food Products being sold for human consumption in November 2017 the requirement for good quality Australian products has gone through the roof. Hemp Super Foods are an Australian owned and operated business partnered with reputable manufactrers of the best quality hemp seed food products and an extensive range of natural hemp based skin care products. We are looking for start-up capital to procure the two streams of products (some rebranding is required for the food products) and onselling to a growing list of potential customers. These customers range from wholesalers of body building protein powder supplements to Ice cream and yoghurt producers utilising hemp nectar as a flavouring.

Health and Nutritional Benenfits

Hemp seed food products are considered a perfectly balanced food group with high levels of fatty acids (linoleic – omega 6) and (alpha-linolenic acids – omega 3), protein, insoluble fibre and rich in a number of minerals and vitamins. In addition to the nutritional values the product has other positive health benefits these include alleviating constipation, lowering cholesterol, cardiovascular health benefits, immunomodulatory effects and various dermatological ailments. 

Short term goals

Our short term goal is to build a small distribution centre that would create employment for all ages across a number of departments from telemarketers to packers and distribution. We are currently developing a user friendly online store allowing us to provide consumers around the world with an innovative and robust ecommerce platform through close cooperation with domestic suppliers in Australia.


 Our Current Range of Food Products

Hemp Seed Oil (Cold Pressed) – the highest grade possible double processed to remove the nectar. Available in 250ml and 500ml


Hemp Seed Flour 43% – high in fibre great for baking. Available in 250g, 500g, 1kg and 20kg


Hemp Protein Powder 43%, 50% and 70% protein content. Available in 250g, 500g, 1kg and 20kg


Hulled Hemp Seeds. Available in 250g and 500g


Hemp Nectar a new product created by double processing of the oil. Available in 250ml


All of our Hemp Seed Products are Certified Organic, Kosher – hemp seed benefits vegan nutrition as part of a whole foods plant-based diet.

How we will use your contributions

Marketing campaign through social media, telemarketing, online – $3,994

Purchase of fresh Australian hemp seed food products $28,635

Labelling and repackaging from bulk bagging into branded packaging $4,653

Distribution costs $1,690

 Forecasted cash positive period 3 months.

If we don’t reach our target we will allocate recieved contributions towards the purchase of fresh hemp seed food stocks and will proceed on a lesser scale however we will still achieve a cash positive milestone in a relativley short space of time.

Other ways you can help !

We ask our supporters to make noise and share our project with friends, family, people you may know that are looking for healthy food options, people that are tired of using skin and body products with chemicals that are tested on animals. All pledges and contributions will go towards job creation, stocks are purchased from farmers allowing them to gear-up and produce bigger volumes, we will also pay the farmers a rate that will allow them to continue working the land and maintaining their livelihood.

Try our Rewards on Offer

Pledge a group selection of Hemp Healthy Movement products for $104.00 made with natural ingredients – Hemp Gel being one of the biggest sellers on Amazon.



Pledge a group selection of Whole Body Treatment products for $138.00 designed and proven very popular for people with skin ailments with unique combinations of botanicals, effectively nourishing and soothing the skin.




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