Help Us to Help Save Lives

Ended on February 18th 2022

pledged of $30,000AU

In an emergency, your medical information & contact details needs to be instantly accessible.

Opening Statement:

This campaign is different to others in that we are not asking you to fund someone’s random idea or raise funds to pay to develop a prototype that may never work. We have self-funded all designs, prototyping and software up to this point.

MEDI-ID is Production Ready and looking to ship product within weeks after this campaign ends.

Funds Raised will be used for:

Continued R&D Development – National Marketing Budget – Marketing Materials – Funding Production for backers and early adopters – Trademark Application

MEDI-ID has an expected retail pricing of just A$48.00 for people and A$38.00 for pets. With FREE App for Apple or Android.

Special Note: Equity investment would be enthusiastically considered.

Who are We:

ECHO Protection Technology (the owners of MEDI-ID) has been operating for approximately 7 years in the field of wearable medical duress devices. We are based in Maroochydore, Queensland, Australia.  ECHO PT is constantly researching new technology.

Project Background:

A gap in the Medical Alert market has been identified in the area of medical emergencies

Contact details & medical information needs to be instantly accessible, anywhere, any time.

Traditional Medical Alert tags need to be re-engraved or completely replaced if information requires updating.

The speed information can be obtained / display can mean the difference between life and death.

What’s the current issues & How Does Medi-ID provide the solution?

Issue = lack of immediate access to full medical information and emergency contacts.

Solution = to create a secure on-line database for storing contact and medical information of all persons that can be accessed by First Responder or anyone, anywhere in cases of emergency.

All information profiles are instantly accessed via a QR code tag worn or carried by the person or on the pet.

QR tags are to be provided in the form of bracelets, necklaces, key rings or stickers. They are also available in dog/cat collar tags.

MEDI-ID is two products in one – 

One for Humans MY MEDI-ID and 

One for your pets PET MEDI-ID.

MEDI-ID Potential Market Sectors; Humans and Animals (predominately dogs and cats)

Both markets have expansive sectors such as (but not limited too);


What Is MEDI-ID?


MEDI-ID is an internet enabled Quick Response (QR) Code Smart Tag that can be read using a smartphone or tablet.

MEDI-ID is the most advanced medical ID where YOU are in control of your emergency & medical information including: your photo (for immediate recognition), your vital medical conditions, personal details, emergency contacts, allergies, medications, doctors contact details and MORE!

MEDI-ID is the easiest way to store, access, and manage your health and emergency information. Your profile can be accessed anytime, anywhere in the world, from any of the MEDI-ID products, such as bracelets, necklaces, key tags, sticker kits, pet tags and many more.

 MEDI-ID tags are a powerful emergency Medical ID record that you can place on your person or your pets. It’s ideal for people and pets with allergies or medical conditions.

MEDI-ID products contain a QR Code that instantly takes you to the persons profile information located in our Emergency ID software for your peace of mind. 

How MEDI-ID Works;

In an emergency First Responders need to make critical decisions about how to treat you. If you’re incapacitated you may not be able to tell emergency services what they need to know.

Emergency ID QR Codes provides immediate access to all your key medical information when it’s needed most.

The ID app embeds your emergency information into a custom QR code image for your phone’s lock screen wallpaper.

The app also syncs with your MEDI-ID bracelet, sticker, or other MEDI-ID products to provide emergency info when you don’t have your phone with you.

Suitable for 24hr wear, even in the shower or whilst swimming.

First Responders

To gain access to the emergency information all a first responder, police or hospital staff have to do is simply scan the MEDI-ID tag.  Then automatically the main public screen will be displayed.

This contains all the information required for your wellbeing – Emergency contacts, medications, allergies, medical conditions and personal ID.

Behind the public display screen is more “confidential information” which is restricted to First Responder and Authorised persons via a secure log-in.

Public Emergency ID Screen

The public screen displays all the relevant emergency and medical information on one easy to read screen. 

This includes:


Setting Up Personal & Pet Profiles:

                 PERSONAL PROFILE                                                                                 PET PROFILE

   image     image












All editing of information is done through a password protected App. 

The App contains all the key information about yourself – See image above. You can enter as much or as little information as you feel comfortable with.

The Profile Page is where all personal and medical conditions, allergies, Medications are entered.

You simply enter details in each of the tabs, all data will be auto-saved.

Medical Information Edit Screen

Not enough space in the provided boxes for your pet’s medications, dosage or medical conditions?  Not a problem….

Click the ‘Other info” icon and you will have more room for you to enter as much information as required.

It could include larger medical history, vaccinations & dates, plus any other general emergency information

Secure File Storage

The advanced file management screen allows you to upload files to the MY MEDI-ID profile secure file storage.

File Management

Once a file is uploaded onto the MEDI-ID profile it is encrypted for secure storage. 

Encrypting a file makes it virtually impossible for anyone except the owner to access it. 

Ideal if you are travelling as you could carry:

scan of passport

copies of any tickets

scan of driving licence

full travel insurance policy

vehicle documents

copies of any other important documents – Covid 19 Vax Certificate


Product Introduction;



Who are YOU? Ever wondered if you were in an accident how the emergency services would know who you were, what medical conditions or recent health issues you had or your next of kin contact information? In an emergency, carrying personal ID ensures quick identification, contact with next of kin or emergency contacts, medical information and peace of mind.  It’s important for everyone – Children, Teens, Adults, and the Elderly.



Product Introduction


What Is a



Manage your pets profile using free mobile App;






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