Healthy Hands Australia

Ended on March 31st 2019

pledged of $4,000AU

Healthy Hands Australia is designed to create awareness around the importance of Hand Hygiene

Healthy Hands Australia

Flexible Funding
education Queensland, Australia


The concept of Healthy Hands Australia derived from personal experience, having three young girls who are currently working through the childcare & education system, I’ve seen the best and the worst of what can happen when a facility, staff and students have great hygiene practices and when they don’t. The time they spend developing should be a happy time with minimised sickness.

Healthy Hands Australia is designed to create awareness around the importance and effects that proper hand hygiene and infection control can have on yourself, children, work places, the elderly and the general community. With educating the general public on what implications not washing hands or non effective hand washing techniques can have on your health and the overall financial impact it can have on your family, friends and business, our hope is to minimise the risk of sickness and improve health and well being.

Our service provides interactive UV-Light education to all ages and industries. By bringing awareness to schools, aged care facilities or any business that has a high risk of infection. Another services we provide is to maintain hygiene standards in businesses with regular visits to monitor and replace consumables and keep staff education a priority. We hope to minimise the risk of sickness and improve the overall health of the community. 

The funds raised will help get the business up and moving into the community to provide the services full time. Below are the stages I have completed and what the raised money will provide. I will be seeking an investor once the business is in a full market ready stage.

Everything that is Healthy Hands Australia has been done with extra money and time saved each week. I’ve managed to get Healthy Hands to a stage to be market ready and would like to take it to the next level and educate full time. 

What Has Been Done By Myself – 

-Logo-Business & Marketing Plan

-Social Media-Brochures 

-Hand Hygiene Training Equipment

-Education & Presentation Guides


-Training on Hygiene – Cleaning Systems – Hygiene Consumables-Website

What Will The Raised Funds Do? 

-Advanced Training Through Australasian College Of Prevention & Infection Control $1500

-Polished Presentations – $150

-Sample Sanitisation Stock For Gift Bags & Kids Trophy’s  $300

-Stock of Educational Equipment – -$400

– Pitch Deck, IM and Offer Documents For a Potential Investor – $300

Thank you


My goal and vision for Healthy Hands Australia is to educate and bring awareness to as many people in general and commercially on the importance of great hand hygiene and how proper systems and processes in a facility can improve everyone health.

Below are three important attributes Healthy Hands Australia has to assist in providing a specialised service

1. Member of Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control2. Working with Children – Blue Card3. Specialised experience in commercial hygiene systems

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