because who doesn’t like a freshV & freshD?

Ended on April 30th 2022

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let us introduce freshV & freshD #intimatewellness #sexualwellness #genderfluid #freshYou

freshV freshD

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Health South Australia, Australia

freshYou There’s a lot of stuff that goes on down there, in your intimate area and what happens to us, happens to us all, it can cause us to be uncomfortable and embarrassed. Even in 2021 we find intimate and sexual wellness still a topic people avoid discussing.

no-one likes a smelly V or D 

Is it important for You to have good personal hygiene? We all assume we know what clean means but have You found yourself having unwanted body odors, bacteria, dryness, irritations and chafing (the list can go on) down there in Your vagina, penis or anus. #freshYou

Personal hygiene is not only important for Your physical body but for Your mind too, it’s a whole feeling, if You are not as clean, or smelling as fresh as You should be, this can lead to serious issues going down there. You might find Yourself feeling uncomfortable, not wanting to be socially interactive and just not feeling like You, impacting not just Your physical health but Your mental health and Your confidence, in being You. 

With our active lives, having a shower is just not enough at times and not always convenient, our intimates can also be sensitive and affected from many causes. We all live such active lives, imagine how often we’ve been in situations where You need help with that cleaning, freshening up, hydrating and soothing? #activelife 

no-one likes a smelly V or D 

We have the perfect natural solution for You  | #freshV #freshD #freshB |

Introducing our natural unisex range consisting of our freshening intimate wipes and our freshening intimate deodorant specially designed for Your V, D and B, for us All, humans. 

Our intimate wipes help clean and freshen, they are #biodegradable made from #bamboo with added #aloevera 

Our intimate deodorant helps reduce unwanted smells, dryness, irritations and chafing, the range is made from all natural oils, its #organic #vegan #Australian made by Australians, helping clean, freshen, hydrate and soothe, with optional natural scents like orange, berry, lemongrass and peppermint. #freshYou | prevent, treat and maintain |

Our range is #handheld fitting into your bag or pocket, so You can be fresh anytime, anywhere #travelproduct because who doesn’t like a #freshV #freshD #freshB ? 

#showerinacan #dateprep #personalhygiene #naturalskincare 

Who we are? 

We’re a new independent Australian business focused on intimate and sexual wellness keeping You fresh, helping with Your personal hygiene. 

Our creator, founder and owner is a female named Janina =) an Australian Mum and she’s operating the business with her two sisters. 

As a business we concisely refrained from gender categorizing, creating a unisex product range, for us all, Humans, which is very important to us.

We’re particularly focused on natural products, sustainable packaging and minimal impact to All, our oil range is packaged in refillable canisters containing no plastic and we are proud partners in conversation with the World Wild Fund, Australia. 

We are all self-funded to date, we were able to launch our business during the challenging COVID times, our product range is available now on our ecommerce shop at and gaining traction with B2C sales daily, which we are very excited about. 

Why we are on Readyfundgo and how we need your support?

We now find ourselves needing some external support to build our brand awareness and help professionally digitally market our brand throughout Australia and other countries, through possible collaborations, brand ambassadors, partnerships and financial support, so we can share our natural solution to help us All be well, confident and fresh with our intimates. 

We’re presently business functional and gaining traction through our ecommerce platform, set for absolute scalability.

We have our exclusive care pack for everyone who financially supports us through the campaign.

For only $50.00 You will receive 2 freshening deodorant oils of your choice and 5 packets of our wipes, delivery included. Giving you a discount of over 35% and a supply of freshness to last you for months, to say a massive thank you for your support and kindness.

If You’re interested in helping and supporting us in other ways, we would be so grateful, please get in touch with us and even a just a simple share or a mention would be amazing and we would be very grateful, thank You. 

We hope you live your best life ✌ Human =)

Final note for us to All consider ✨⚡

We are all equal – all sexual human beings

As we’ve seen recently, illness and natural disasters are great equalizers, and they also highlight the disparities in our society.

Life lesson: money, status, fame and looks have no bearing on what happens to You, nor does it protect You in any way. At the end of the day, we are all susceptible to the same human vices, illnesses and consequences.

We need to remember that we are All human and our health including physical and mental well being needs to be a daily priority.

“We are all born sexual creatures, thank God, but it’s a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift.” – Marilyn Monroe

 #intimatewellness #sexualwellness #genderfluid #lgbtq

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