FindMyChild Emergency App

Ended on April 30th 2018

pledged of $10,000AU

Emergency app that enables a parent to connect with people around them when his/her child is missing

Eduardo Montero

All or Nothing
Family Victoria, Australia

You’re holding their little hand, walking down the street, through a shopping center or at a big sporting stadium and then the thing you fear happens.


They were here one minute and gone the next.


You ask anyone around you “Have you seen him? He was just here!”


The minutes tick past you get more and more hysterical and frantic, and then you remember – the app .


You quickly press FindMyChild and 5 minutes later the phone rings, “I found him” says the voice,  “you dont need to stress, its all going to be ok.” 


We’ve all been there, we all know the stress and desperation that comes with losing your child. Like many Peer-to-Peer apps, FindMyChild, is looking to the community to help solve this problem.

When activated, FindMyChild sends everyone nearby -with the app downloaded- a preloaded picture of your child and a phone number to be contacted. It aims to quickly connect people in a way currently imppossible.  


In a similar community minded approach, we asking for your help in sharing, engaging and funding the development of this app. As with other peer-to-peer platforms, the more people who use it, the more effective it will be and we are aiming to reach the whole of Australia. 


Head over to our Facebook page to share your experiences, how this may help and any features you think would help you in this heart stopping emergency situation. 


Help us, help millions of families overcome one of their worst fears. 


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