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El Cielo Foods

Flexible Funding
Food Victoria, Australia

Hi my name is Cesar.

 I am the CEO of El Cielo Foods. You have met me (somewhat nervous) in my first online video! We are a specialised Mexican food manufacturer, working from Australia to make a difference in the food industry.

Our mission is to create the best Mexican range in Australia; working directly with farmers and consumers, promoting the “#farmtoplate” proposition.



In today’s world, the mainstream food industry model is providing consumers with massive amounts of hormones, pesticides and preservatives. This is creating a trickle effect, and adversely impacting our health and general wellbeing.

To make a difference, we must stay free of big corporate. As a company, we are in a high growth stage, and without access to further capital  by our own means. We know that Venture capital would force us onto the path where we would no longer be  in control and able to make the difference that we are out to make.

We are committed to achieve transformation in  the food industry. Through  our quality, we are committed to trasnforming the source and give farm to plate access to consumers; directly contributing to the health and wellbeing of our customers.

As with other small companies, we represent a new possibility for the food industry. A sustainable and healthy food industry. A wholesome supplier for your Mexican restaurants and groceries.


We are on a quest to quickly raise as much funds as we can with the crowd . What are we  going to do with this money?

We are going to be able to drive  our vision of prosperity in our niche market. We will start to pay our current purchases, purchase new machinery and continue to streamline our supply chain. The plan is detailed and in place; we just need the support to make it happen.

Our story:  We  are 3 Mexican migrants, meeting in  Australia in 2010. In 2011,  whilst working in hospitality, we talked about wanting a better life, and about Mexican food. Mere talk  got boring quickly, so we decided to venture into business and do something about it.

In 2012, as a family, we started the first “tortilleria” (tortilla factory) in Melbourne. Together with my amazing wife Paola and my brother (from another mother) Javier,  we started early every monring to make the dough, the tortillas, the deliveries, admin and sales. Those where crazy and cosy times.



The response has been amazing. We have been growing a lot quicker than what we initially thought we would, and we have amazing customers with which to share the journey. Our problem is that we have grown too fast, and we have been stretched quite thin. As directors,  we don’t have property  or assets, so we can’t raise funds as quickly as we require. We feel that reaching out to the world is something that is in our best interests, and the best interests of the passionate people who love our product – YOU!

Our alternative is going for venture capital. Learning from history, this would force us to align with larger corporations in the future. We don’t want this to happen as we want to remain as an independent new possibility for the people. This way we can keep innovating for the benefit of the consumers and your well being.  Food matters, and we pledge to give you  top quality food made from  top quality ingredients at a competitive price.

Your support will help us continue to grow and finish to establish a true farm to plate experience, competing in a healthy & sustainable way. We fear that raising capital the traditional way (Venture Capital) would change our wholesome culture, values and purpose.

We invite you to support  our family, and we hope to be able to continue our work  in bringing better food to your table.


We hope that you can support our journey.



César Duran – El Cielo Foods



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