Converting waste streams into energy

Ended on June 30th 2019

pledged of $55,000AU

Addressing three major waste streams of humanity, waste tyres, waste plastic and waste bio mass.

Environmech - To Be Incorporated

Flexible Funding
Environment New South Wales, Australia

Our mission is to reduce the impact of waste plastic, tyres and bio mass on the environment.

We will do this by introducing carbon neutral and carbon negative technology to convert it to energy and re-use. The technology uses heat to deconstruct waste into its organic compounds which are commercially valuable. The process is called pyrolysis and does not involve burning waste, it is superheated without oxygen and without emitting greenhouse gasses.

We are going to start with waste tyres


With over 58 million scrap tyres generated annually in Australia and only 40% being recyled, its time to do something about the remaining 60%, which are illegally dumped or stockpiled, or sent to landfill.

Pilot project

We have a pilot project ready to commence in Queensland, with the deconstruction of 40,000 waste tyres per month.

Our pyrolysis plant will convert 20 tonnes/day of tyres into 45% fuel, 35% carbon black, 10% steel and 10% gas, which we will sell to end user markets. The plant runs on the gas derived from the pyrolysis process.


We have secured a large supplier of waste tyres able to provide 40,000 tyres/month to the plant. We are in discussions with smelters requiring cheap energy for their ongoing operations.

We are a registered suitable operator currently in discussions with the Queensland Department of Envirnment and Science to progress an  Environment Authority covering our operations. We are also in the process of obtaining accreditaion with Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA).

We are ready to start our operation but need some help.

In order to progress further we are looking for early support for $55,000 funding to secure and make ready the site we have identfied as suitable to our needs.


Securing the site will provide for an environmental audit to complete and an application for an Environemntal Authority to proceed.

Funding required is to be applied as follows:

$55,000 – Acquire site

Once the site has been secured, we can commence recieving waste tyres from suppliers to commence building feedstock.

The approval process will complete within 6-8 weeks after funding.

We are offering Bio Rewards, the project will donate $1 per $100 raised to the Australian Conservation Fund and the rest will also go toward making a greener Earth…

We will keep everyone upated on our progress throughout the campaign on our facebook page:









May 27, 2019

Here are some quick updates, I will changoing the campaign (if possible) to reflect the current actions/status:

- We have sorted out securing the site and the environment authorisation pathway, we are now looking to raise just $6,600 to commence environmental applications;

- We have formed the company BIO NRG PTYLTD. This will be the operating entity;

- We are progressing accreditations for waste tyres;

- We have finalised contract negotiations for supply arrangements;

- We will be able to commence within 6 weeks.

Please help with your support :) 




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5 years ago

3 comments on “Converting waste streams into energy

R  Roxane Maryline

Can you recycle silicone rubber?

    M  marko kovac

    We can take synthetic blend waste tyres. Almost anything bio can be put through a pyrolysis process however, we are concentrating on waste tyres, plastic and green waste, So no, sorry ; )

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