ECO|shelf|Ⓓ – Stylish. Functional. Good For The Environment

Ended on January 20th 2017

pledged of $19,000AU

ECO|shelf|Ⓓ is a flatpacked environmentally conscious lightweight & versatile shelving system

Philip Hills

Flexible Funding
Design Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Meet ECO|shelf|Ⓓ

The ECO|shelf| offers a unique design that allows you to create your own compostion. Both now and as your needs change. 

ECO|shelf| is easily installed and can be adapted in minutes – it simply slots together.

Using the many configurations, ECO|shelf| can be changed to suit any environment – home, office or retail.image

Say goodbye to allen keys! No Tools, No Instructions, No Problem


As seen on ABC New Inventors:image To be manufactured in Australia: 


                             Natural bamboo w/ shortened white lacquer shelves

Why ECO|shelf|Ⓓ ?

Most furniture these days is bad for the environment.

It’s not designed to last and it’s not manufactured from environmentally conscious materials – its bad for our health and its bad for the health of our wallet!

I thought I can do better than that and the good news is I’ve designed and created the solution.



                                                  Design criteria for ECO|shelf|


Ecological – Demonstrates environmental awareness

Original – No reinventions of previous designs

Integrity – Manufactured locally using local materials

Flatpack – Simplifies delivery / relocation

Adjustable – Adaptability for storage solutions

Lightweight  – Reduce delivery costs

Strong – Efficient design / economic use of the materials

Value –  Commercially astute and design savvy target market


                                                      Philip Hills | designer & creator

How does ECO|shelf|Ⓓ work?  

A single interlocking upright form is the essence of this freestanding lightweight shelving system.

An innovative locating profile allows shelves to be added or removed just as it suits you without the need to dismantle the whole assembly.

When moving home, ECO|shelf| is easily disassembled, perfect for people who move alot.

Side by side, back to back, shelving or partition ECO|shelf| adapts to your needs.

                                Timelapse video of  ECO|shelf| being easily assembled

Order your ECO|shelf|Ⓓ today!

Earlybird orders of the ECO|shelf| are available here. You will receive early access and lower pricing for an original Australian created and crafted design.  The funds from your purchase will be invested directly into the first production of manufacturing of the shelves and launching a startup.

Also available are smaller designer rewards…great gifts…and all funds will go to launching the manufacturing of the environmentally aware ECO|shelf| line.


ECO|shelf|Ⓓ  $950 + Delivery 

Bamboo Coaster $12

Mousemat $20

Limited Edition BluePrint $35

Authenticity Product Placque $60image

Be Brave, Change Often 

ECO|shelf| is fun to build and can be reconfigured in minutes, which means that you can give your home or office a new look or function anytime.

We live in a society that has a constant need to differentiate itself. ECO|shelf| permits you to design your own composition.

Simply choose different shelf options and be creative in ways you never thought possible. 


ECO|shelf| in carbonised bamboo

Why Bamboo? 

Bamboo was selected after much exhaustive research, analysis and head scratching due the following characteristics

Green: It’s the fastest-growing plant – in fact it’s actually a giant grass –  you can use to reforest an area, and it produces 35% more oxygen than an equally-sized batch of trees. 

Sustainable: Unlike trees which need to be cut down, bamboo can be harvested without damaging the original plant, and it then regenerates in three to five years. None of this waiting-around-for-30-years for your reforestation project to kick in.imageBamboo harvest yield

Strong: Harder than maple but lighterthan oak, the tensile strength of bamboo is comparable to steel.

Plentiful: A strand of bamboo can generate around 200 poles in five years–the same length of time it takes one tree to grow big enough to cut down.

Profitable: Bamboo is essentially grass, and it grows way faster than trees–some varieites of bamboo can grow four feet in a day. For a lumber harvester, the yield can be 25 times what you’d get from regular ol’ trees.

Legal : Due to the fact that is a grass and not a tree, which takes longer to grow and mature, it doesn’t come under the scrutiny  of the FSC organisation. 


                                        ECO|shelf| in carbonised bamboo 

Add a Splash of Colour 

You can get even more creative by giving ECO|shelf| new colours.

It is designed to inspire creativity.

You can use the standard colour range or create your own accent colour to transform a space where ordinary furniture remains lifeless and boring. image

A Fascinating Journey

Not a single day since that lightbulb moment in the middle of the night – about 4 am to be precise as I was up with my new born daughter – has passed where I haven’t given the ECO|shelf| a few minutes of my time – often much much more on many many occasions. 

image                               Phil with daughter no.1| Mock-up at studioMAIZON

Following the appearance on the ‘New Inventors’, I acknowledged their comments and recommendations and after much refining of the styling and finding ways to reduce weight the ECO|shelf| was born.

Then came the researching of industrial partners for manufacturing of various components, learning drawing software, spending time in the workshop making mock-ups, prototypes and…….well the list is long, mostly quite boring but every single step of the process nonetheless essential.

imageThe design processimage

                              Daughter no.2 with model used to validate concept

ECO|shelf| was awarded a government grant through NEIS (New Enterprise Initiative Scheme) . To qualify for this I completed a CERT IV Business Management course.

Have You Heard?

These responses were received within days of appearing on the ABC New Inventors TV Show.

“I checked the New Inventors website and saw your shelf, what a great idea. I’d love to have you included in the next issue of the Innovative Household Magazine”

 “Dear Sir, I read the article about your invention, kindly provide details, specs, and FOB prices so as to distribute in our country.”

 “I thought it looked great and would be a buyer of 1 or 2 when you get it up and running, cheers Dan”

“Good Afternoon Phil, I saw your shelves on the New Inventors program and i’m wondering what the price range is and where i can purchase some?”



                   ECO|shelf| designer and creator looking a lot younger on TV!!!

ECO|shelf|Ⓓ Dimensions


                             ECO|shelf| CAD/CAM CNC technical drawings

Where Do You Fit In?

By purchasing your very own early release ECO|shelf| direct or other rewards from me here, you will help get my project and startup off the ground.

It takes thousands of  dollars, a huge amount of creativity and hard work to produce original design. After all the prototyping, tooling and marketing expenses involved in commercialisation I am looking to you for your help to get to the next level.

I have chosen my contract manufacturing partner, completed FMS (finish, material, surface) specifications and have a fully working pre-production prototype that can accelerate to initial production as soon i have the funds to secure an initial order of 20 units.


                                                             Roll-out milestones


I believe my funding target is realistic although I totally appreciate in this more challenging of financial times it would be sensible to have a contingency plan based on the success of some funding milestones.

So in order of priority, these funding goals will occur:



image                               ECO|shelf| in natural bamboo w/white surfaces

ECO|shelf|Ⓓ in Summary:

ECO|shelf|Ⓓ by studioMAIZON ™ is a Registered Protected Design No. 362261

  • Emphasis on simple design concept; complexity costs money
  • Adaptable, minimal, functional
  • Assurance that its been made using sustainable methods and materials that care for the environment
  • Good value proposition – most people expect to pay a premium for ethically produced products
  • Lastest technology based manufacturing reduces the cost to deliver value and quality 

image                                       ECO|shelf| in carbonised Bamboo


As it says in the video, X MARKS THE SPOT!  Order your ECO|shelf| today. 

Thanks for listening and your support, 

Phil| designer & creator

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