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Our brand needs your help to grow so that we give can back to empowering women of all ages

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SYL is a Beauty Brand for Women between the ages of 18-30. As we all know with being a woman comes a great amount of beauty routines, appointments, products, as well as money spent and unfortunatley, also insecurities. But we want to change that. 


Our products are Silk Pillowcases, designed to naturally help and maintain your hair and skin. The antibacterial products of silk have so many benefits, as well as reduce the cost for women to maintain their beauty routine.


The idea for this brand came alive during Melbournes first quarantined lockdown, when beauty treatments weren't available anymore, and feeling good in the comfort of your own home was important. But when comparing prices for silk pillowcases came about for me to buy my own, I couldn't believe the cost.


So thats when SYL started!


Our main focus of SYL is to give back and empower women. Currently, we give a proceed of each months sales to "Rize Up AU" helping women in domestic abuse situations, and we want to do so much more. Our brand Instagram is envisioned for inclusivity, with models of all colours and sizes. With the option to expand the brand to more countries and cultures, the greater impact we could make on young women. We're so excited to do so much more.


You can visit our mission page at:    https://www.saveyourlash.com/pages/about-us           for a more detailed explanation of the brands future.

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